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Why Trademark Registration Services Required for Business?

Trademark Registration is an important subject for all business owners to know; no matter, whether you hold a small business or a large one. Here, we will discuss the importance, requirements and procedure of Trademark filing and registration. However, for those who do not want to get involved in any kind of daunting procedures, Trademark Registration services offered by various professional firms is the solution.

Alternatively, this post would definitely be helpful for the readers who want an extensive knowledge and understanding over the respective subject. Trademark Registration incorporates a bundle of numerous operations that has to be performed while filing the application. If you are doing it yourself, you have to perform several search tasks.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

However, it is not legally required to conduct the search, but this is highly recommended that one must undergo complete and comprehensive ‘Search’ procedure. This offers several benefits such as

  • Prevent the applicant to apply for the mark that is identical or similar to Symbol or Logo that already exists or already registered.
  • Reveal similar marks and check current status of these marks to ensure whether they are in use and are up-to-date.
  • Saves time and money as if the trademark already exists, your application might be cancelled and you have to apply for another trademark again.

It is important that the symbol, logo or the graphical design must be unique as if it appears similar or identical to any other Registered Trademark in the same industry, it might infringe the rights of another Trademark owner. This can result in violation of Trademark laws and you will be responsible for further legal procedures.

Reasons to Get Registered under Trademark Act

There are several reasons that insist the business owners to apply for Trademark Registration.

  • Exclusivity or Uniqueness: Registration of Trademarks for a business confirms legal ownership or entitlement over the brand or product. With this, it becomes transparent that only you or the authorized subsidiaries can operate under the Registered Trademark name or graphical presentation. If any other person claims rights on the Trademark registered under your name, you can take advantage of the registered Trademark.
  • Avoid Violation Claims: Once your preferred Trademark sign gets registered, any other party or business owner operating in same industry cannot claim rights on it. This prevents you from falling into any kind of legal prosecutions and claims over similar or identical Trademark symbols.
  • Reputation & Goodwill: A registered Trademark is known to earn market reputation to a greater extent in comparison to businesses that are not registered. They serve as a legal foundation that can build stronger relations with customers. No doubt, a business with a Registered Trademarks possesses more weight-age.

So, it can be calculated that registration of your business under prescribes procedures and laws will not only proffers legal rights to prevent the business, product(s) or services but also provides a unique market recognition and reputation.

Procedure for Registration of Trademarks

Now when the potential benefits and reasons behind Trademark registration are thoroughly elaborated; let’s discuss the procedure defined for the same to make it easier. Before filing an application it is important to gather relevant information for efficient handling and processing.

  • Gather Relevant Data

Before initiating the Trademark Filing and Registration procedure, ensure to collect enough appropriate information and guidelines on the application procedure as this will further help in successfully accomplishing ‘Approval’ status.

  • Finalize Design, Logo or Symbol

Once you have decided to undergo Registration process, the very first thing is to get the Trademark ready. You can select the design yourself or alternatively get it designed from a professional graphic designer. Trademark can be a name, a symbol, a logo, a sign or any other graphical presentation. But, make sure the design is unique and any similar mark does not exist.

  • Perform Comprehensive Search

To ensure that no similar or identical mark exists, it is important to perform Trademark Search process which is divided into further sub- searches. These searches are of different types and it is recommended not to negotiate on this important step to prevent yourself from falling into unfavourable consequences.

  • Trademark Registration Process

Once the design is finalized and search procedure is successfully initiated; another step is to get the Trademark registered. This can be done by an individual itself following the guidelines provided on the official website of the Intellectual Property office and concerned authorities. Alternatively, one can select to hire a professional Trademark Registration Services that can positively assist throughout the procedure.

  • Approval Process

After the application for Trademark Registration is made and the intended mark completes the uniqueness eligibility criteria; the application is sent further for its approval. If no discrepancies exist in the application and all the formalities are done appropriately, the concerned authority approves the Trademark and it is said to be registered under associated Acts and Laws.

Doing it Yourself or Professionally?

The procedure is same, no matter if you are going to do it yourself or via professional firms. But, here it is important to mention that getting the Trademark Registration on your own might cost you additional charges; if you are not aware of the complete procedure. This may involve extra time and efforts too. If you are not sure of the defined rules, you might lose the chance to get the mark registered.

Alternatively, if the trademark registration services and solutions are acquired, the respective procedure will be accomplished efficiently and accurately without wasting any time, money or efforts. The experts may charge you additional cost, but this will prevent from falling into unnecessary hassle and daunting procedures.

In such cases a well qualified and a knowledgeable attorney is considered as a valuable asset that not only assists you throughout the filing and registration procedure, but also ensures to get it done in the right way following a prescribed procedure. Always make sure to hire a registered and authorized attorney with suitable experience in the respective field.

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Swati Mittal is an experienced Patent Advisor with flair of writing on Intellectual Property related guidelines, concerns, updated informative laws and procedures. Apart from this, writing on Technology and Software Products is also preferred by Swati. As a Business Developer & Advisor, her role has been instrumental in assisting businesses to choose the right content for their websites as well as the intended products and services. With her involvement in ‘Intellilocus’, she is actively involved and up to date with the latest news on Intellectual Property Rights and applicable laws.

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