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Top Tips To Make Money While Travelling

Travelling is one of the most amazing and enriching experiences you’ll ever have in your life, but many times costs play a spoilsport.

What if you could make money while travelling? Then, you could pretty much travel to your heart’s content without having to worry about funds running out. Here’re some ways in which you can make money while travelling so you can continue to live your life of leisure.

Run A Blog With A Travel Niche

If you have a flair for writing and travelling is something that runs in your veins, combine these two interests to form a successful venture – your own travel blog.

You could come up with your own travel blog or rely on third-parties such as WordPress or to make your travel blog. Snap your beautiful moments, pen down your itinerary, and publish it on your blog to attract more and more readers.

Many successful bloggers earn at least $1,000 per month through ad revenue. And if you believe you can influence the readers with your writing, then sponsored content, influencer marketing, and affiliate sales are sure to help the cash flow.

Teach English

Non-English speaking countries, such as Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Spain, Turkey, etc. have a great demand for native English speakers who can teach English at their schools and higher educational institutions.

This is one of the most respected professions in these countries and those who pursue it are also paid a good monthly amount. In Japan, for example, English teachers can expect to make a monthly base salary of ¥250,000 (USD 2256.25). Also, the monthly cost of living in Japan is estimated at ¥100,000. So, that leaves you with a lot of money to have fun as well as remit back home. Other than teaching English, you can even teach your native language to the residents of the new country.

Be A Part Of The Hospitality Industry

A large number of hotels, restaurants and hostels in many countries look for temporary staff during peak season. From reception staff to masseuse/masseur, recreation worker to a chef, the jobs vary from country to country and hotel to hotel.

While some of these jobs are paid, there are others that can be taken voluntarily. However, in exchange, you may get a free room and meals as remuneration for these jobs. So, on your next trip to Dubai, Maldives, Berlin, Manchester, Paris or Dresden, look up a few hotels for any temporary job opportunities.

Go Freelancing

Did you know freelancers made up 35% of the total workforce in the US in 2016? Even in India, there are more than 15 million independent workers.

When you are a freelancer, you can earn from anywhere. You’re not bound by any cubicles or stringent office timings. App developers, website developers, and content creators are some of the freelance jobs you can take up and earn while enjoying your journey to different parts of the world.

Work As A Foreign Artist In Movies/Soap Operas

If you are bitten by the acting bug and visiting Mumbai, give acting a try. This is the city where the Bollywood Industry dwells. Auditions for upcoming flicks and daily soaps is an everyday routine in almost every production house located here. Show them what you’ve got, and strengthen your chance of making it to the silver screen or the idiot box. Kenya is another location in the world where you can work in the entertainment industry as a foreign artist. Theatre too is a great platform to showcase your talents.

Wrapping Up

Above are some of the jobs that you can take up when travelling. They pay you well, thereby, supporting the wanderer in you. And if you look forward to sending your ‘travel-earned money’ back home, you can always leverage the overseas money transfer service of InstaReM. You can send money from different countries around the world at zero-margin FX rates with InstaReM. It makes sending money easy and your beneficiary typically receives the money within 1 to 2 business days. With no FX margins and no hidden charges, InstaReM makes international money transfers a cost-effective affair.


Vivek Gaula, Hubspot Certified Digital Marketer and Freelancer.
He works as a Marketing Consultant for Online businesses and had experience, Event-based Marketing and Email Marketing. He also loves writing Marketing base content and become the digital publisher for different business clients.

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