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The Good and the Bad Side of Mobile Phones

Whether you love them or hate them, one thing you have to accept these days is that mobile phones have become an integral part of our home and business lives. There was a time when mobiles were rarely seen and were only used by business people and the rich. However, these days they are used by everyone from those running a business through to kids, adults, and seniors who previously had no interest in technology.

When it comes to these phones, there are plenty of positives that you have to consider. They have opened up many new opportunities for people both in their work lives and their personal ones. In addition, they have helped to boost access to many different services and provide us with more freedom. However, there are also plenty of negatives that cell phones have brought into the lives of everyday people and these also have to be taken into consideration when it comes to mobile phone use.

The good side of mobile phone technology

There is no doubt that mobile phone technology has brought a huge number of positives into our lives. Some of the key ones include:

  • Being able to work remotely with greater ease
  • Easier communication both on a business and personal level
  • The ability to get online and browse even when out
  • Access to a huge variety of apps that can be used while on the go
  • Being able to access entertainment while out and about
  • Increased security

All of these are valuable benefits and today’s mobiles have become a staple for both personal and business users. You can choose from all sorts of models and makes to suit different needs and thanks to technological advancements you can get online anywhere you have network coverage or WiFi access.

The bad side of mobile phone technology

So, what about the bad side of mobile phone technology? Well, sadly there is a bad side that does have to be considered when it comes to mobile phones. This includes:

  • Increase in nuisance calls leaving you to work out whose number is it to determine who is making the calls
  • Increase in mobile theft
  • Lengthy contracts that can lead to financial issues
  • Potential health issues arising from overuse
  • Addiction to mobile technology
  • Costs involved in buying expensive new phones
  • Increased risk of car accidents due to phone usage and distraction
  • Relationship issues

While many of these may seem like minor things, they still have to be taken into consideration. For instance, addiction to mobile technology may not seem such as big thing but it can ruin relationships, lead to children doing little more than messing on their mobiles and can even have an impact on your health.

In conclusion, mobile phones are definitely an important part of our lives but we have to use them in moderation to avoid them having the more negative effects on our lives as well.

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