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Top Social Media Trends to Leverage on for Your Business

There has been a significant shift in how businesses and customers consume social media. The dominance of these platforms is continuously strengthening thanks to innovation and adoption by the wider public. Businesses that want to stand and be counted must take advantage of these trends and make economic value out of them. At, we have picked some of the top trends to watch.

Video Content Marketing

The use of video to deepen content reach continues to be a huge phenomenon in social media. There are a variety of video types and what you settle on depends on the task you want to accomplish.

Educational Video – This is basically used for instructing your audience, but you can also put in some marketing and promotional materials.

Explainer Videos –This is aimed at helping viewers to understand how to use your product. It can greatly enhance your product acceptability.

Entertaining Videos –These are purely for audience engagement and entertainment. After watching, your audience is likely to share. You can incorporate educational content in these videos.

Pay to Advertise

While it is generally known that most social media networks are free to use and give you organic social reach, paying for exposure is considered more effective in social media marketing. This is due to the fact that it enables you to reach a targeted demographic. The Facebook advertising platform for instance allows you to market to a specific location, gender, age group, and any other parameter you specify. This is something an organic Facebook post cannot achieve.

Social Shopping

Social shopping also known as social commerce refers to the act of selling through social networks. From its humble beginnings, this trend has risen to claim a huge stake in online sales and marketing. For instance, a report done by Internet Retailer showed that social commerce had risen by 26% between 2013 and 2014. The ‘buy buttons’ that have been showing up on social networks such as Twitter and Pinterest have made it much easier for customers to buy directly.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a platform designed to assist businesses in marketing across multiple channels at the same time. This software alleviates the need to undertake repetitive tasks such as marketing on social media or sending emails. Small businesses can take advantage of marketing automation to deliver content to their prospects and customers. There are various automation platforms and it is upon you to assess your business demands and those of your audience before settling for particular software.

Mobile Marketing

The increased rate at which consumers are using mobile devices to access websites calls for attention from businesses to make their websites mobile friendly. Mobile optimization has become the norm and if your business is not doing it then probably you are missing out on both rankings and mobile conversions. In 2015, Google started penalizing sites which were not optimized for mobile and as per our findings at, companies have invested a lot in catering for the needs of mobile users.

To add to the above, social searches are on the rise partly because consumers want more visual content such as videos and images most of which area easily available on social media. Social media platforms have also attracted lots of users because of the comments, reviews, and feedback these platforms carry from actual product and service users.

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