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Log Management Tools No Match For Real Time Security Visibility

Think that the IT personnel at your enterprise knows about every attack and network breach?  Think again.  Verizon conducted a Data Breach Investigation Report in 2011 which revealed that a stunning 86% of organizations which suffered a breach did not find out about it from their IT team or through a software program.  They found out about it through a third party such as a law enforcement agency.

What was even more surprising is that 70% of these breached organizations had the evidence in their log files, evidence which could have alerted them to the breach.  But that evidence was unrecognized.  Even with the right data collected, it is clear that organizations are having a hard time trying to understand and make meaningful sense of that data in time to protect themselves.

The Longer The Attacker Has, The Greater The Opportunity

The longer it takes an enterprise to identify a breach, the more time the attacker has to exploit one of your openings.  Even if the organization is alerted to a breach, many are unable to tell where it is coming from and who is compromising your security.  What is even more difficult is being able to identify problems in real time, particularly as many organizations still rely on having their IT teams manually comb through logs to identify security events.

Log management tools have their place, but they can do little more than manage logs.  If an enterprise truly wants to protect itself, then more sophisticated tools and software will need to be brought into the digital fold.

What To Look For In A Security Visibility Solution

Data breach incident reporting must happen in real time and and it must be able to tell you who is doing it and where it is happening in order for you to keep your network and systems secure.

Real time security visibility tools such as DECOYnet are able to detect malicious activity, anomalies, malware communications with third parties and data exfiltration while still delivering network communication channel clarity.  Unlike ever before organizations can actually see and understand the data which is flowing out from their organization, identify any gaps in their policy enforcement, and then change or enforce policies.

Detecting And Alerting Users To Anomalies: Unlike standard and perimeter cyber defences, IT personnel will be able to instantly identify any unauthorized applications, processes and behaviors as they happen.

Exposing Network Blindspots: Many organizations have one or more communication channels which are completely unknown to them.  These solutions unveil these channels and give IT the ability to assign each channel a threat level.

Receiving Detailed Forensic Reports: This solution provides absolute transparency, being able to track and record all of your network communication channels according to their functionality class.

No Lag, Zero Interruption: Often times an enterprise’s number one concern when it comes to implementing new software is its impact on network performance.  The leading solutions on the market today are non-intrusive and have no impact on productivity and the performance of your network.

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