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Top Remote Desktop Support Apps When You Need Them

While remote computer access has many functions, the primary reason is to provide maintenance, support and access to files. Many companies are still to agree to store their massive data in third party servers. Essentially, remote access applications are capable of transmitting data across SSL connections that have been encrypted heavily. Computers are always increasing in offices and homes, hard for professionals in IT to come and offer the desired support.

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Apps for remote desktop support are now sophisticated today and unless there is a problem with the hardware, to save the network team’s man hours is very possible. If you want to implement remote support and access in your office or home, there are a number of apps you might want to check out.


This is arguably the most popular remote access app on the web capable of running on any platform out there. It is quite easy to use with the features added consistently. They also offer other featured solutions and products, but if you are just in search of essential remote access, their free account should be the one to try. However, LogMeIn’s pro account lets you send huge files from one desktop to the other, hearing music, control and copying files, Wake and remote printing on LAN features among others. If you combine it with the Central tool of the app, you are able to run diagnostics like creating a platform of in-depth monitoring such as pulling analytics, memory utilization and CPU usage. This app supports Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.


Apart from a weird spelling, this multi-tasking online web tool will handle all kinds of web conferences, remote collaboration and access as well as web meetings. Through the app, the remote access bit takes place through the Web Share, a platform that works as the screen sharing tool in case of remote presentations. The Web Share feature allows the displaying of a screen to about thirty individuals with every viewer only requiring a web browser.


This remote support application lets you enjoy secure and instant connection between one remote computer and another over the internet. It is a simple app you can use for normal computer duties, but really powerful for deployment in medium and large businesses and companies. It is the remote access application to go for a rapid fixing of a remote desktop, including quick diagnose and view without having to preinstall any software.


Also a very popular online app, it allows you to access your desktop with ease. The app is the one to go for both corporate and home users. Once you have installed GoToMyPC client, you will be able to access your desktop from anywhere.  Since the connection is hugely encrypted with AES 128 bit algorithm, copying and pasting files across computers can be done without fearing that any information will be stolen. File transfer, remote printing and keyboard lock can be made through the app.


Any IT expert loves this app that supports Windows, iOS, Linux and Mac in the area of troubleshooting and remote access. More than 100 million people are using the app across the world due to its ease of use and set up.

Check out Iremote app that also allows you Desktop Sharing with ease.

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1 Comment

  1. Sam

    September 6, 2016 at 10:08 am

    Thank you for sharing this Techsling. I must say that it looks very interesting and I’ll be researching it in greater detail more in the future. So thank you!

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