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Top Go-to Tools for Time Management

I am still one of those guys who has a simple notebook that has a list of to-dos. I use a pencil, write down the task, and cut it off when I complete the task. Some of the tasks do have a date by which the task has to be completed. Does it not sound simple? It works for me, though I must confess, I do miss a number of tasks. And why does that happen? Because a sheet of paper cannot harass you and get you out of your procrastination. You can always shut it or even lose the paper.

With laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and the cloud, modern Time Management tools have the capability of reminding you wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Versions of these tools can be installed on multiple devices to remind you all the time. For example, I am very fond of an application called Wunderlist that maintains my lists of tasks on the cloud. It has multiple versions that you can install on your laptop, your desktop, and your mobile phone. As long as you use the same log-in, it will show you the same tasks irrespective of which device you use. I thought that was a cool concept.

Wunderlist is not the only one out there. Let us look at the top 6 applications and briefly understand what they deliver.

Time and Attendance Management Features

Before we do that let us quickly look at what all these applications deliver.

In Project and Task Management, the applications make you part of professional project management tools that help you complete a project on time. They help you share and distribute tasks, share files, and track everyone’s activity. When you call for a meeting or attend a meeting, you have solid data in your hand.

In time tracking and time billing, every minute of your productive time can be logged. This data becomes indispensable when you raise bills on your clients. Whether it is office attendance or clocking the work you do from home, these applications gather important data on your time and attendance management. The additional feature of resource planning helps you plan your resources professionally on tough projects. If you lose a resource or find a resource unproductive, you have all the information you need to bring the project back on track quickly.

In addition to all these, nearly all the applications we will describe below deliver shared calendars as well as user-friendly dashboards. Shared calendars are useful for managing your time and attendance when your productivity is linked to the activities of your colleagues. A dashboard is of immense value when you can understand what the current status is at a glance.

Let us look at six of the most popular time and attendance management tools that are there.

Popular Time and Attendance Management Software

1.  Toogl is a hassle-free time tracking software that integrates and works with a large number of project management systems. You can create any number of projects and sub-projects, get detailed reports and track online and offline.

2. Asana is something I have used a lot. It integrates project management with file sharing and collaboration and works with emails. It is easy to use and a simple piece of software. This is best for small teams.

3. Scoro is touted as a complete utility that has all the features we discussed above. It integrated time tracking, with project management and CRM. Good for businesses of all sizes.

4. Clarizen runs from the cloud, has alerts, provides social collaboration, and tracks budgets and expenses. It seems a little expensive compared to others.

5. Trello is famous for visualization. It is really simple to use wherein you can cardboard like dashboards for assignments. It is the most visual of all the tools.

There are hundreds of other software available on the Net, some prized and some completely free. To make a choice, I would suggest you make a wish list of what you need, build a budget, and choose one that meets your needs closest.

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Michelle Patterson is a blogger more interested in HRMS, Technology, and Business. She has been invited by many companies to see their products and love sharing the knowledge and experience with the world.

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