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Important Signs You Need to Know to Decide Your Website Redesign

If you are tired of looking the same old website that you had built for a long time ago, and thinking of investing to revamp it, then this article is for you. Here, in this article, we will help you understand some signs to revamp or change your website design. When you have taken a decision, a question certainly comes in your mind… you really need to redesign your old website? If so, then why? What are those signs by which you can conclude that you need a website redesign? Let us discuss all those signs here, one-by-one.

If you are in this domain or not from this domain, but understand a bit of website design, then you must know that a full-scale website redesign can take a lot of time, and the entire designing process sometimes needs allocations from the budget your company might not be willing to take part. One of the major alternatives is to pinpoint areas of your site that could utilize a quicker and simpler but less expensive revamp. Now, you need to know which signs you observe when you come to a decision to redesign your website.

  • Changing Brand

Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons to revamp or redesign your current website if your company undergoes the changes in branding. Because your website normally reflects your brands, it needs a new logo, slogan, and other things to be uploaded and all things would be possible when you revamp it. If your website surge in popularity, then you can think of redesigning it as early as possible.

  • Getting Poor Rank in Search Engine

Most of the time it is seen that old websites with age old design do not get good rank in search engines. If this thing happens, the sign is there to change the design. A website redesign can easily charge something new into your website that affects search engine ranking. This helps to address some important things like a landing page, keywords optimization, static design etc. sometimes, if lack, affects your search ranking.

  • Decreasing Analytics

Another important thing that can be called a sign for website redesign is a decrease in analytics. For example, you may see the search engine rankings are reducing, bounce rate is increasing, page views are reducing and so on. You may see the decline in conversion rate you normally earn from your website.

  • Reducing Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsive sometimes called responsive website. When a website accessed through any mobile devices easily, it is called mobile responsive. A perfectly mobile responsive design fits on all mobile devices. If your website does not fit on all mobile devices, you are getting a sign of website redesign.

  • Increasing website loading time

These days, hardly a few visitors have enough time to spend a few minutes on a particular website. A greater number of visitors only stays 10-15 seconds maximum on a website. If they found the site is relevant what they are looking for, then they spend a few seconds more, otherwise jump to another website. Therefore, you need to reduce your website loading time. The early your website opens the early you catch visitors.

  • Unfashionable Look

Everything these days depends on fashion, then your website design too. If you see your website’s design is not up-to-date in terms of present age, then you need to think of revamping it. You need to do it soon, if you do late, you may lose your potential customers. It would be better if you see some relevant websites and their design things. You will come to know the things you need to change on your website.

To sum it up, it is your decision whether or not you like to go for a website redesign, whether you like your present website design and if you think it fits your business, products and/or services you are providing to your customers through it. Moreover, if you think the problem is increasing day-by-day, then you can talk to a professional website design company, which will help you whether you need a redesign work. Albeit, the discussed signs will help you understand when and why you need website redesign as well.

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprakdesign. A graphic and UI UX Design Company. He loves to share his thoughts on corporate presentation design, lifestyle product design, exhibition design, and more.

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