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Top food ordering business trends 2019

The advent of food ordering software has increased the convenience of food ordering by leaps and bounds, which results in big popularity and retention among masses. Great positive trends have been observed in investment scenarios with a high valuation of the food ordering system. As a developer, you must gain insight into market dynamics, growth perspectives and customer behaviour. The recent statistics show that revenue in online food ordering and delivery marketplace amounts to US$18,358M in 2019.

Demand for food delivery apps

The traditional model of food delivery software allowed the customer to place an order for food with the local restaurant over the phone and get it delivered to customer doorsteps with a specific time. Rise in use of digital technology and the massive adoption of app practices the popularity of food delivery through mobile apps and websites has increased. The modern method of online food ordering system offers enhanced way of food ordering with transparency. Customers can easily compare food menus, give feedback and choose multiple options o food from restaurant vendors conveniently.

Food ordering software/script also avoids chances of missed food orders due to busy phone lines or lack of resources to monitor the phone. ShopurFood is an online food ordering script to start an online restaurant ordering business. We share our expertise in food ordering and delivery market and current food delivery apps trends. Here are the exciting foods ordering business trends 2019.

Customization & Personalization options for restaurants

Focusing on branding needs of the restaurant business, more food ordering script and apps offers endless customization option to restaurant vendors. Customizable layout of food ordering business portraying identity on food delivery app is important one amidst massive competition and works well for promotions too. GrubHub, Zomato, Uber Eats food delivery apps allows restaurant owners to tweak their profiles to maintain a distinct identity online.

Real-time food menu update

Many food delivery mobile apps are allowing restaurants to update their menu in real time. As soon as there is a change in the menu at the point of sale, the same changes automatically get reflected on restaurant food ordering app. Enhanced food ordering option saves the restaurant staff at the point of sale. This feature is very beneficial when more than one person is handling orders. Uber Eats and Swiggy offers real-time menu upgrade to customers.

Push Notifications

Food ordering software and mobile apps that come with an option for push notifications can improve customer engagement for food businesses. Push notifications make it easier for businesses to keep customers updated about latest deals, offers, promotions and discounts. It’s an effective marketing tool to keep customers informed about new items, product launch and updates. From Zomato to Swiggy, every food delivery app used to push notifications to benefit businesses they are catering to. Most push notifications time strategically influence the ordering process of the customer on their past behaviour patterns.

Big Data

Data Analytics gives us insight into real-time information about traffic, temperature and more. Estimation of accurate delivery time is a possibility with big data. Big data helps business understand their customers better along with other important analysis like the impact of temperature on food, market trends and more. It helps in formulating best practices to improve customer service, food delivery apps use the data to evaluate consumer segment.

Do you want to start online food ordering business and looking for the best software? You have come to the right place. ShopurFood best food ordering script with endless customization for your business needs.

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1 Comment

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