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Top Business Trends for 2013

A lot of successful businesses are willingly adopting growing trends in order to enhance their business processes, employee recruitment and retention. As 2013 approaches more of the practices of old have to be relaxed in order to embrace new trends to attract and keep the best talent. The list below identifies the top business trends for 2013.

Mobile technology will continue to increase as a recruitment platform

Users are doing more and more with their Smartphone and tablet devices so it is evident that they will be using these devices to locate new opportunities and interact with prospective employers. Job seekers and employees manage almost every aspect of their professional life digitally so recruitment managers need to get ready for this. They need to invest in recruiting initiatives that include support for mobile and tablet technology.

Businesses embrace remote workers

The availability of technology and all that it does is facilitating the rise in remote work. Telecommuting used to be a rare privilege in years gone by but today has completely dominated the workplace. Major companies are letting their employees telecommute if not full time at least three days a week.

Flexibility, a word that made recruiters cringe in the past is now the new norm. They are using flexible work hours, flexible time off and flexible work weeks to attract and keep existing employees. Workplace flexibility also includes the option to bring your baby or pet to work.

While these new trends seem to benefit the employee only they do benefit the employer as well. By making work and communication more transparent they can use these flexibilities to yield better results. Motivated, satisfied and relaxed employees are more productive than their dissatisfied and stressed out counterparts.

Businesses use a multifactored approach to employee retention

According to the results of a study conducted by AchieveGlobal employee retention must involve the creation of development opportunities for key employees and the provision of incentives to inspire loyalty.

The six key factors that businesses are using to ensure satisfaction and retention that will continue into 2013 are:

  • Targeted recruiting and hiring to hire workers that are most likely to stay.
  • Focus on achievement to ensure that employees have all the right tools to succeed at the job.
  • Learning and professional growth where the employer is familiar with the development goals of the employees and makes provision to ensure that the employees develop in those areas.
  • Employee recognition to acknowledge and reward employees’ contribution to corporate achievements.
  • Nurturing careers to connect employees to others in the organization who will help move the employees’ career along.
  • Team collaboration to hire competent people who work well with others on the team.

Globalization, Offshoring and Outsourcing

If you think that outsourcing and offshoring was a major business trend in 2012, just wait until 2013 rolls around! In order to sidestep the impact of local economic factors businesses are targeting global markets. They are seeing the positive outcome of moving offices and factories into the global markets and using the talents of local employees in these new locations.

The rise in outsourcing and offshoring is evident in the US as businesses seek to get more for their money invested in employees. By outsourcing they no longer have to invest money in infrastructure and specific staff locally. Get ready for more of this in 2013.

What are some other business trends we can expect in 2013?

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