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Top 7 iPhone 7 Features That Will Blow Your Mind

The upcoming smartphone from the tech giant, Apple Inc. is iPhone 7 although Apple still hasn’t released the actual release date. However, a leaked case picture of iPhone has already created a storm on the internet, and every iPhone lover has gone crazy over the probable new feature. The probable iPhone 7 features have already blown the mind of some smartphone enthusiast because with this new smartphone Apple is going change the way people use a smartphone. It will lot of new technology that you won’t find in any other smartphone.

Apple has always been known for bringing new technology to their smartphone and this time iPhone 7 features would be the carrier of some innovative technology that would change the whole scenario of the smartphone market. The new iPhone flagship model will be available in two version that includes the standard iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. These new models will be very slim, and the main reason behind its sleekness is Apple has ditched the headphone port and to add connectivity they might add some interesting feature. Although Apple won’t be the first tech giant to remove headphone port because Motorola has already used this same design in their Moto Z.

  1. Premium Camera Quality

It is evident that iPhone 7 will carry a highly upgraded camera lens although it is likely to inherit the old 12 MP camera from iPhone 6s along with a front end camera of 5MP. The iPhone 7 Plus will receive a dual lens camera setup which is an innovative move from Apple although the protruding camera might be a problem.

  1. iPhone Without a Traditional Home Button

The iconic home button was a signature style of all iPhone flagship models, but the new features of iPhone 7 won’t showcase any home button. Although to replace this functionality, Apple Inc. has added a fingerprint reader which is located under the display panel. However, this feature is still in development so iPhone 7 might include a pressure touch sensitive home button.

  1. Removal of Headphone Port

Ditching the old headphone port has led to a revolution in the smartphone world as it would provide the path for new technology to become part of the smartphone. As an alternative, the user will have the freedom to connect new kind of headphone through lighting port which is newly added in the smartphone or through wireless connectivity. This innovative technology has diminished its overall thickness by 1mm.

  1. Waterproof Smartphone

The waterproof would be a new addition to iPhone 7 features list although this is a rumor which evolved from iOS 10 beta launch conference. This would be the first iPhone flagship version that would carry this feature although this feature is standard on other smartphones in the market. The only drawback is that user won’t be able to connect the Lighting charging cable if the cable comes in contact with liquid molecules.

  1. Quick Charging Facility

In the feature list of iPhone 7 might be the addition of a new fast charging component in the smartphone which would double the flow of electric current in the iPhone. It would use a five-volt two-ampere component which cut down the charging time to a couple of minutes. This feature will prevent the user to save a lot of their time thus providing the freedom to use the smartphone for hours with a couple of minutes of charging.

  1. High Power Battery

According to the leaked image that is circulating on the internet, iPhone 7 will be integrated with a 1735 mAH battery while the Plus model will have a 2810 mAH capacity battery. The battery life has always been the problem of iPhone but new high power battery along Low Power Mode would the best possible solution from Apple.

  1. High-End Processor

iPhone 7 will be padded with an A10 chipset which would enhance processing speed by fifty percent when compared to A9X chipset. The new model will be even faster than iPad Pro and iPhone that has 2.37 GHz processor along with 3 GB RAM.  According to rumors, iPhone will also get a 3 GB for the standard version.


The new innovative iPhone 7 features have already increased the adrenaline of the user who is planning to buy a new iPhone. Apple will bring a revolution in the market this feature which would be fruitful for their profit margin. For more information about technologies to know just land to, will share & guide you everything to learn.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Abhinash

    September 8, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    Nice feature. It has quick charging facility, that’s really great

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