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Common Mistakes Made During Mobile App Development

The 21st century has been deemed the technological era and the popularity of the mobile app has seen an increase in mobile app development on a grand scale. It is seen that almost any individual who has some understanding of programming is working towards developing their own mobile app in one of the hundreds of app niches. Unfortunately, all humans make mistakes and these mistakes can result in the failure of the item. This article will provide information on the most common errors in app development and discuss how to avoid them.

1. Including Too Many Features

It will always be tempting to develop applications with extensive features as the idea of numerous features is supposedly more remarkable. Yet, this is not always the best idea and in many cases, simplicity can be more beneficial — at least in the beginning. When downloading a new mobile app, it is typically the case that the user may find it difficult to comprehend if confronted with various features. This confusion could lead to frustration and ultimately a loss of interest. Simple applications are easy to navigate and likely to maintain user interest. Avoid loss of interest by keeping the initial development straightforward and add features as the app gains popularity. For instance, when we were developing the mobile app for an Online Travel Agency, we avoided putting in the multi-city feature so that the app would be easy to use.

2. Ignoring Flexibility for Upgrades

One of the vital considerations to make when developing a mobile app is future flexibility regarding upgrades. While it is useful to focus on the present, it is beneficial to think about the future of the app and how users may wish to progress. Most new phones have a fingerprint sensor and it makes complete sense to upgrade your mobile app to provide for authentication using the biometric sensor.

Upgrading is a continuous procedure and the app should be able to work in all upcoming upgraded versions. If the development is not effective and the app operation is flawed, it is likely that users will become frustrated and lose interest. Be sure to develop the mobile apps with the potential of upgrades in sight to ensure future success.

3. Not Focusing on the User

Users are the most important factor to consider during mobile app development. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical and functional aspects of the app itself; but the user experience is the factor that will determine success or failure. By taking this into account, it is obvious that the user experience must be examined when creating any part of the app. For example, the navigation of the app should be created for easy use by users. In addition, the appearance of the app should be one that attracts the users.

4. Improper Monetization

The plan of mobile app development is typically to create an app which in turn will help increase one’s revenue. Unfortunately, this does not happen automatically and monetization planning is required to promote income. Most developers fail to take note of monetization believing that the app will be purchased using simple advertisements or referrals. Due to the increase in the number of apps released daily, it is recommended that one come out of this unrealistic belief and utilize combinations of monetization options to raise the chances of app popularity.

There is no one future state with mobile technology: As soon as one aspect stabilizes, another enters a phase of radical change. The development target is no longer a device, but a loosely-connected ecosystem of devices and services centered on a user experience.

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Riyaz is a tech enthusiast with more than two decades in the Information technology space. He is the founder and CEO of QuicSolv Technologies Pvt. Ltd. a technology company that specializes in mobile app development and startups.

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