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Top 6 Call Center Trends for 2020

Whenever we think about improving call center performance, multiple questions come in our mind, like-  How to achieve:

  • High Customer Service Levels
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Reduced turnaround Time


But it is not easy to achieve all these factors without proper planning as there is a lot of competition among businesses.

In this article, we will share the top 6 call center trends that will help you improve business performance and achieve success by giving you a deep understanding of these latest trends. Let’s take a look:

1.   Adoption of Cloud Based Technology Continues to Grow

Adoption of cloud based technology is continuously growing in every field, whether in call centers or other businesses more and more people are shifting towards cloud. This technology reduces the overhead from call centers and ensures effective call center operations. Most of the call centers are adopting cloud technology and leveraging the advantages of it.

Cloud based call centers have become the most popular business solution in today’s time, as these are cost-effective and user-friendly solutions.

According to DMG report, the number of seats in the cloud-based contact center infrastructure market will grow by 24% in 2020.

The adoption of cloud call centers is increasing rapidly, and there are several factors like adaptability, and reliability which explain the advantages of cloud based call center in comparison to on-premise call centers.

With cloud hosted call centers, you can ensure the flexibility of work as it enables agents to work from different locations. When your business is on a remote platform, you have the authority to serve a larger customer base without establishing a physical presence on multiple locations.

2.   Omnichannel Solutions for Higher Customer Retention

Omnichannel solutions have grown over the past years, and now it is the mark of supremacy that can help you to deliver proactive customer service.

In this digital era, customers are not confined to one communication channel. They interact with the business via various communication channels such as social media, chat, calls, SMS, and more. Whatever the medium customers use, they want a personalized and consistent customer experience. So, to ensure effective customer service, an omnichannel communication solution comes in place.

Omnichannel business solutions are all about integrating all modes of communication so that the agents can access all the channels from the single dashboard. This centralization will help to achieve a great customer experience as agents will have all the records of customer interaction and will able to deliver satisfactory customer service in a short span of time. This integration will help to retain customers for a longer time.

According to Aberdeen Group research (via internet retailer), businesses that leveraged omnichannel engagement retained 89% of their customers while businesses stuck to traditional methods kept just 33% of their customers.

By maintaining consistency among all communication channels, businesses can boost the efficiency of operations and can easily reach success heights.

3.   AI-Powered IVR Solutions

The use of IVR solutions in call centers has grown rapidly over the past few years, as these solutions are really helpful to perform business operations.

IVR systems bring a considerable change in the customer service industry by enabling self-service options. The advancement of IVR continues and is seeing new heights with every passing year.Also,  with digital advancement, these solutions are powered with AI technology that will improve customer service by taking it to a higher service level.

AI-powered intelligent IVR solutions can interpret the tones and voice more accurately, which will be helpful to route the caller to the concerned agent. These AI-powered solutions will help businesses to reduce the loopholes occurring in customer service.

4.   Use of AI and Analytics in Business

By adopting AI and self-service tools in your business, you will get the freedom to control the everyday operations. In businesses, AI and analytics are not new at all, but as its adoption rate has accelerated from the last few years, helping it emerge as the topmost call center technology trend to watch in 2020.

AI technology, like a chatbot, has replaced the humans by enabling auto-responses and also, by providing quick solutions to customers’ need. Different analytics tools like predictive analytics, speech analytics, text analytics, self-service analytics, and cross-channel analytics will help you in resolving the customers’ issues and doubts in the very first attempt.

Many businesses have adopted AI technology, and many more are planning for it, owing to its wide variety of benefits. Increased customer engagement and resolved customer interaction problems will definitely help you to boost your business up.

5.   Advanced Self Service Tools

All customers contact the customer service representatives for their queries, and sometimes it becomes hectic for agents to handle all calls in time. Not only agents, but customers also became exhausted if they have to wait in long queues. And as we know, customers are crucial for any business, and no one wants to lose them.

That’s why it is essential that a business serves its customers better. By implementing self-service tools, you can deliver excellent customer service and can help customers by providing the necessary information that your customer really wants.

Self-service tools not only shorten the call queues but also saves time for agents so that they can concentrate on complex customer queries. Advanced self-service tools speedily resolve customers’ concerns before a live customer service agent gets involved. These tools have proven their efficiency by reducing the need for live agents’ assistance.

6.   Increased Customer Engagement Through Social Media

Customer engagement is a vital factor for any business to succeed. That’s why businesses are paying more attention while interacting with a customer; also, without customers, businesses would have no purpose. The customers will show their interest in business services when they are treated well; otherwise, they will easily switch to other business services.

Gone are the days when it was tough to serve customers on a personal level. But now, due to technological and digital advancements, it is easy to get more engagement from customers. Social media platforms are one such medium that will help bring a positive change in customer engagement.

Through these platforms, you can maintain customer satisfaction levels and make your business presence all around. Social media platforms have become a great touchpoint for brands where customers can easily reach out in case of any query.

According to Smart Insights, 63% of customers actually expect companies to offer customer service via their social media channels.

Due to this reason, most of the businesses have put their foot forward in creating their social media presence. Customer engagement through social media is arguably one of the topmost call center trends for 2020.

Wrapping Up

Customer service will always be a substantial part of a successful business. Above call center trends can greatly impact customer service levels and improve the overall customer experience. With time, you need to evolve with emerging technology trends so that you can achieve business growth as well as can lead in the call center industry.

Written By

Niharika Gupta is a technical writer at CallCenterHosting, a leading provider of call center solutions. She loves music and reading and has always been fascinated with technology. Writing about technology and other related topics gives her the utmost happiness. She believes words have the power to change the world and is working on turning her ideas into words every day.

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1 Comment

  1. Ally Fernandez

    December 1, 2020 at 1:17 am

    Very good article, and informative! Thank you for this.

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