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Top 5 Tips to Increase Your Internet Speed

The Internet has become an important part of our daily life. According to a report, more than 3 billion people are using the internet these days. People use the internet for work, research, listenlistening to songs, finding their friends, or being social. Everyone is paying a handsome amount to get internet so the speed of internet is a very important factor. It’s everybody’s dream to get high-speed internet. There are several reasons for getting slow intern that you are using a low-speed connection or more people are using your internet than you know. Knowing ways to increase the speed of home and mobile Internet, the user can increase this important indicator by almost a third. The following are specific recommendations that have proven their effectiveness and efficiency.

Remove Unnecessary Traffic Consumers (Programs, Devices connected via Wi-Fi).

Not only utilities launched by the user consume traffic, but also hidden applications that download updates, exchange statistics with the program developer, etc. It is recommended to shut down applications through the task manager that are not required for the operation of the system and the user

To find out which applications are actively using the connection to the World Wide Web, one should use the “CC” (Command Line). To accomplish this, you will need to run the “CS” with extended permissions and take the following successive steps:

  • Type “netstat -b 5> activity.txt”;
  • Click “Enter”;
  • In the “COP” will display a list of desired applications;
  • Click “Ctrl” and, without releasing, click on “C”;
  • A file with a list of connections will be created;
  • In “KS” type “activity.txt”;
  • Click “Enter”;

It is recommended to disconnect unused home devices from the Wi-Fi network. This will reduce the load on the modem and allow you to more comfortably work on the network from a PC or smartphone at high speed.

Delete Unnecessary Toolbars or Change the browser and use the Turbo mode.

Simple disposal of unused toolbars in the Internet browser allows you to speed up your network. Sometimes removing add-ons takes a lot of time or causes difficulties for new users, so it is recommended to change the browser to a nimbler one. Use the browser in turbo mode, which increases the speed of work in the network by almost 10%.

Check your Device (PC or Mobile) for viruses.

Regular analysis of the memory of a PC or a mobile gadget by antivirus programs not only prevents the risks of leakage of personal information but also increases the speed of the Internet. Viruses and advertising applications significantly slow down the network, spending traffic for their needs.

Use only the fastest DNS servers

Using the fastest DNS for the specific conditions of a user’s PC connection is one of the best methods for increasing the speed of the Internet. You will need to complete the following steps:

  • Download the application “Name Bench” (it is freely distributed in the global network);
  • Run the utility (no need to install it);
  • Configuring the utility is not necessary. Immediately click “Start Benchmark”;
  • Wait;
  • A detailed report will appear;

The report shows information with optimal connection parameters that the user can only use.

Disable TCP Auto-Configuration.

You can find it on YouTube for its tutorial. It is also a simple but professional method to increase your internet speed.

After following these methods, know you must be getting more speed than you were getting before applying these methods. We recommend you perform the internet speed test with your specific network. A speed meter will start observing your download speed and then your upload speed and then it will show you the results along with your IP address.

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