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Top 5 Go-To Writer’s Apps

Are you a student and often use rewrite my essay for me services? Do you think it might make you a bad student? The answer is no! Believe it or not, even professional writers need assistance with their writing chores at times. Adequately experienced as we are, there are still times when a student may ask a writer to recommend essay writing services and the writer would confidently say “Sure. No problem.” Only to find out that “Oops! There is a problem!” because he/she wasn’t familiar with a writing style or requirement of a student.

As a reliable professional member of the pool of writers in the company which provides essay writing services, I can never let a client down, nor let on that I am unfamiliar with a writing style. The student relies on our essay writing service for the completion of their much-needed homework, so no writer has no excuse not to deliver the required paper. Our essay writing service prides itself on having resourceful writers, and I am proud to say that we always offer.

For the aspiring freelance writers out there, here are the Top 5 Apps for a Writer:

The Brainstormer

The trickiest part of writing an essay is the narrowing down of the discussion topics and the outlining of the discussion points. Sometimes, it gets to the point where a writer may not know where to start. This app helps the writer focus on the important parts of essay development such as topic listing, settings, themes, and subjects related to the essay. When a client came to me asking for a sci-fi themed creative essay, I turned to this app to help give the paper a more sci-fi spin because I knew that this had writing tools for every need.

List for Writers

One of the most significant problems that a writer faces is how to say the same thing a thousand different ways in one paper. While there are thesaurus websites online, it could be a problem to have to leave your document software just to make consultations. That is where this app comes in very handy.

I once had a client who had a list of primary and secondary keywords. The main instruction was to change secondary keywords in the essay, but still, retain the meaning of the original keyword. You can just imagine how difficult it was to write that paper. Thanks to this app though, the program itself kept making suggestions for the best ways to say the secondary keywords in various presentations. Grammar support is thrown in. Here is the best part, if you want to write with a bit of Aussie slang, then this app is meant for you. Available for iOS devices version 8.0 and newer, it will cost $2.99 to gain the full benefits of the program.


You’ve probably seen this elephant face with a green background in your iOS and Android devices. You’ve probably not given it a second look or any consideration either. I used to do that. Until I discovered just how useful this app could be.

I mainly use this program for keeping track of my notes. Use it in place of cue cards. Just jot down the inspiration whenever it hits you, without the need for a paper and pen. This app stores everything from your document notes, to-do-list, and much more. Making it easier for me to look for writing inspiration and store random topics in relation to my assigned work.

It will store various formats for the user too. Everything from the text, sketches, PDFs, audio files, and more. The camera allows the writer to digitize business cards, note, and drawing, in case you forgot to store it beforehand.

Write or Die

Even professional writers can suffer from a mental block. This lack of imagination is sometimes affected by the lack of an inspiring workplace. With the help of this app, writer laziness turns into writer inspiration.

When I played around with the fully customizable settings of the app, I found myself being drawn into writing again. There was no longer the urge to find a random writer to rewrite my essays for me. Inspired and motivated by the system itself to go into production mode. Finally, I was able to create a workspace that calmed me down. The problem is that the program was designed to crack the whip on the writer. Each time I stopped typing, a negative situation occurs on the screen, pushing the writer to get more work done to keep the bad thing at bay.

For newbie writers who need to learn how to increase their typing speed, the typing tracker keeps track of your per minute count, which helps build your typing speed for those fast turn-around orders.


All writers have done this thing before; we type up a few sentences or paragraphs, then stand up and “rest” or “look for inspiration.” This app eliminates the need to do that. Why? Once the writer has already set up a font for use in the typing of the document, the program will ask the writer to set a timer. The timer is the deadline within which the writer is expected to complete the work. Once the timer starts, and I learned this the hard way while testing the app, you can’t stop typing. Not even for 5 seconds otherwise, everything you typed will be lost, deleted, never to be recovered. Needless to say, I learned to sit in place and type up the complete document before standing up after having my partial work deleted a few times.

This is the app for any lazy-boned, procrastinating, I’ll get to that later writer out there. It definitely gives the writer a purpose for continuously typing and making sure that all his data is in order before he even starts typing.

Writing an original piece is never easy. It takes a lot of inventive ways to get the creative juices flowing in a writer. While other methods will also work for essayists, those who do it for a living in a professional setting can’t afford to be laid back in the writing approach. These apps were all designed to increase the imagination, cognitive skills, and typing skills of the writer. None of these apps will always result in a well-developed paper for any writer.

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