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Social Media Practices that will Boost your SEO

Social media enables you to use more external sites that you can link to your content. The good thing is that the more diverse links you have, the higher your position will be on Google.

Interdependence between social media marketing and search ranking is a well-known fact. More precisely, it is clear that high social media presence increases chances that the webpage will dominate among the top pages on browsers. Still, many forget that there is a tight link between social media and SEO, actually that a well-played social media presence can boost SEO.

If you make an effort to understand that connection, you will come across various ways in which social media practices helps SEO campaign improve significantly.

Increase number of followers

This is a slow process, but your effort will pay off in the end, as it will increase your ranking. However, don’t think about getting there fast -forget about buying proxy followers, as Google can detect it you’ll end up only with money wasted. It’s smarter to build your network of followers organically, like this:

– your brand needs to be unique and your presentation of it consistent, using same methods to update users

– your articles should be useful and interesting, and tips helpful, while you should also try with open discussions and inquiries, as long as you can communicate directly to the users

Allow external inbound links

Social media enables you to use more external sites that you can link to your content. The good thing is that the more diverse links you have, the higher your position will be on Google. Of course, the content needs to be of high quality or you won’t have anything to attract external links.

In this strategy, social media represents a broadcast channel, while the content is the bait, meaning the social channels you use will serve as fishing poles, offering the bait to the ones who matter. Using hashtags will attract the attention at the beginning, but you should also add your content into open discussions and threads to make it visible. This strategy will slowly position you as an authoritative leader, meaning you will increase the number of external sources.

Optimize your posts

Again, this strategy has high-quality existing content as a basis, but it is an additional channel for search. Google ranks frequently updated posts higher, so concentrate on optimizing it. Your posts can be many things, such as videos, infographics or a link to a longer article. Whatever the type is, you have to give it a descriptive and precise title. The next step is for the text to be optimized for a specified Google search. Throwing in seasonal keywords would also be a good move to be sure everything is up-to-date.

Social sharing

This strategy works similarly to external links. If Google notices any proof that a quality external source validates your brand, it is one step up the ladder. In other words, the more people you find who want to share your post, the better your ranking will be. This category of sharing includes likes, tweets, shares, replies and even favorites.

Of course, the most effective way to encourage sharing is to do it directly – offer a prize to people who share your posts or photos or like something. A clever thing to do is to conduct interactive surveys where people are encouraged to like a post in case they agree with you on a specific issue or they are interested in reading specific texts. This is a perfect strategy – a growing number of people will share the content, there will be more followers, which leads to more shares.

Spread your brand awareness

The best SEO resellers enhance your brand because it skyrockets in terms of popularity, number of related searches and frequency of visits to your site. This is the best way to attract new customers and also to inform your existing customers of your latest promotions and offers. If it’s played out appropriately, social media will help you spread your news on promotions and new products or services. The strength of your brand means expanding the number of your visitors, which ultimately leads to a higher number of clients.

Local optimization of posts

If you want to engage in the local community, there is an option to send locally targeted signals to Google. The first way to do this is to get yourself and your company included in a local event every time an opportunity arises, whether it’s a festival or a tradeshow. Whatever it is – take pictures and post them to your website, encouraging visitors to share it and comment on it – it will strengthen your position in local searches.

Another way is to get in touch with other local brands over social media. This strategy needs you to do some research first – target local players and interact with them on an everyday basis. You can share their posts, join their discussions or post their articles as guest blogs. You can expect them to return the favor, which is a win-win situation.


It all comes down to one simple thing – the experience you provide to your users will affect your rankings. Once you have understood the link between social media and SEO, you open yourself to numerous opportunities to improve your business.

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  1. Sanket Doshi

    May 15, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    Today, there’s little doubt among marketers that SEO and social media are two must-have components of any effective digital marketing strategy. After all, SEO is arguably the founding-father-tactic of digital marketing, and social media is the place on the web where our audiences gather, share and engage every day.

  2. Komal Wadhwa

    May 22, 2018 at 4:31 am

    Love the idea of taking part in local community for local ranking boost.

  3. Erika Ann

    May 23, 2018 at 7:19 am

    I’ve never heard of “optimizing” your own post in social media. Social media is not really my thing but I have been trying to promote my blog through it. I’ve seen some services online where they give you automatic followers but I don’t know if its good because it might be just for show.

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