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Top 5 Feature of CRM Development Services

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring release enables user to provide a CRM Development Services everywhere. Here, I give top 5 new CRM Development Services in features.

1) Case Merging
2) Parent and Child Cases
3) Case Entitlements
4) Case Timer Control
5) Parature
6) Social Listening

(1) Case Merging :

The service area has been vastly improved in the new version of MS CRM 2013. In this situation a customer has logged two different type cases for the same issue, the cases can now be very quick and easy marging together, it’s enable to customer service represent to provide a better customer care.

(2) Parent and Child Cases :

In this primary case can now set for a group of cases. There are multiple case that have been reported by the different customers, but related to one issue, can be selected and access the parent case. A new life and clarity to merging case, parent and child case and case timing. These is all ensure to your team and easily merge to SLA.

(3) Case Entitlements :

An entitlement can set for a case to define the option for support that are available for the customer. It can be declared by a certain amount of the hours of support and set the number of cases.

(4) Case Timer Control :

Ensure that you are missing your client service level agreements with the new case timer management feature. The timer management can show a reckoning timer on the case kind, providing the client service representative with info regarding the time during which a case has to be resolved so as to fulfils the customer’s SLA target.

(5) Parature :

The parature gives a customer support and data center thay need on their schedules time. This tool are integrate to the company and organization to existing a website and gives users standard web based support flexibility. It takes a full advantage by this tool on the web, mobile and various type of application portal. It’s a real time chat functionality for sets up the team or constant support as well as conforms to service level agreements.

(6) Social Listening :

The new social listening and analytic functionality allows CRM Development Services  agents to understand and engage with customers through social channels. The Social Listening update is provided free of charge for all Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 customers with 10 or more professional license users. A social listening is a new functionality add tool that give an organization the software and also need to very effective monitor their social media. Social Listening seamlessly fits into the organization’s CRM for full integration.

Written By

Evan, Who has worked in CRM Development Application. He has very experience in a technical architect in Aegis Soft Tech. Also, wide range of skills across the MS CRM Developers task. With a prove track the record of working on and leading the enterprise level projects.



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  3. Peter

    November 21, 2014 at 7:33 am

    There are numerous advantages and benefits; one can draw from small business CRM software. It allows all your teams to access information from one centralized database, rather than having different software for each team. The Online CRM software stores its database on the Cloud, centralizing the entire database in one central hub. This feature is helpful, especially for the sales team, as the sales agents can easily view customer’s contact and data on-the-go, and follow up with them from any part of the sphere. There are many advanced CRM solutions, which can be installed on via applications on a tablet or smartphone.

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