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5 Toys That Will Have Your Inner Child Instantly Clamouring

Anki Drive

Next up, it’s every little boy’s dream with the ultimate in high-tech miniature race cars. You can embody that Knight Rider fantasy; too, as the cars are engineered to develop a personality and style of driving over the time they’re driven. Gone are clunky remote controls and the pathetic grindings of Scalextric, these beauties feature artificial intelligence and are steered in their sleek, powerful motion by your iPhone. Half the fun is, of course, in the competition and you can either make your friends eat your driving dust or play against the computer, which handles itself surprisingly aggressively and has no qualms about bumper car tactics. Rev things up a gear by taking it into Battle Mode where you and your virtual weapons get to play dirty.

The Snowball Blaster

Nothing. Beats. A. Snow. Day. Whether you’re missing work or school, nothing can top off that joyous announcement that the roads are closed, except possibly this genius invention. With its powerful potential between your gloved hands, all you need do is mould snow into balls and then unleash pure vengeance onto anything in your path. Plastic fabrication is one of the hottest new design methods in the toy industry for lightweight durability, just check out Arcola Products for some fine work. They’ll be giving the Snowball Blaster the edge in any snowball fight.

Mathmos’ Blob and Flow

Finding that you’re too productive and focused at work? These brightly-coloured cuties are the answer. Simply plug in to your USB port and enjoy the sensation of an adorable desktop pet. Manufactured by a company renowned for their lava lamps, these cute buddies are reminiscent of 90s nostalgia, but with a noughties update that sees them producing a heartbeat, displaying touch sensitivity, moving their eyes and taking endearing naps.

Mahina Merfins

Since The Little Mermaid was created, we’ve all had dreams of a life under the sea, and here’s the product that makes that wish a reality. These beautiful mono-fins which clamp your feet together into a graceful tail shape are the real deal. Not only that, but they’re friendly to talking lobsters with their eco rubber design, and flexibly constructed to aid swimming and power you effortlessly through the waves like a standard pair of flippers. As an optional extra, Mahina even sell fish scale printed swimsuits! Now where’s that seashell comb I was using to detangle my ruby locks?

Aqua Dance Game

Harness the power of nanotechnology in your time wasting! For centuries kids and adults have been fascinated by those mini games where a tiny metal ball has to be manipulated into patently over-shallow grooves to reach the end of a maze. Well, that’s all so last year, it’s all about water these days. The game uses nano genius to generate hyper-beading water. The surface of the features a patented nanomaterial called Adesso WR which changes the way water moves from, frankly humdrum to something akin to petrol in a Ferrari engine- it really gets moving. Forget your iPad, this one is taking the streets of Japan by storm.

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