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Top 10 Website Design And Development Best Practices For 2019

It’s 2019 and in today’s trending global marketplace just having a mere digital presence is not enough. Even after having a business website if it does not meet the latest and trending market standards, it is almost equivalent to not having a website at all. The internet, even at this point of the century is literally saturated with poor websites as well as website content. To make the most out of the website and attract real and live human traffic, creating and developing a trendy, functional and interactive website is a must.

Although a client’s unrealistic goals and demands can prove to be a magnanimous roadblock in the process of developing and designing a good website, the website developers themselves at times contribute to the piling of such poorly designed and executed websites too by not valuing important digital marketing features appropriately. As of 2019, the goal should be towards a responsive web design company of India

  1. Cutting Down On The Site-loading Time:  In the current fast-paced world, everyone is always in a hurry and nobody wants to wait as a result websites which open promptly for all users in all platforms fair far better in the digital market than the ones which take a lot of time to load. Tools like Pingdom or Page Insights are now the latest tools that are trending to check if a website’s loading time is as per the standard or improvisations are required.
  2. Mobile-friendly Websites: Creating a mobile-friendly website is one of the most important aspects to work on to fulfil the goal of a responsive web design company of India, as well as to help enable the target audiences to access the website easily and conveniently. Creating a mobile-friendly design is, therefore, a must to facilitate the trending ‘access from anywhere’ ritual.
  3. Tracking Enabled: In order to decide upon the future business strategies, tracking the progress or keeping a track of how far the goals are being achieved is a must. In order to do this kind of tracking, it is important for the final design to have functionality which can gauge the key indexes such as website traffic, conversions, etc.
  4. SEO Friendly: How good a website looks will not matter if it cannot be found among the top 10 results of the SERPs. It is extremely important to include elements and keywords by making the website SEO savvy as well as creating engaging, interactive and informative content. Executing proper Meta tags, schema and XLM sitemaps are pretty essential too.
  5. Content Management System Enabled: Since everyone is looking for fresh and unique content online, consistently publishing compelling, informative and interactive content on the website not only captivates the audiences but also helps in maintaining a long-term digital marketing momentum. Creating a back-end Content Management System is an excellent idea too as it enables the clients to edit and post contents as and when required.
  6. Voice Search Enabled: Keeping up with the recent trends, the inclusion of a voice search feature into the website will not only increase the convenience factor for the target audience but will also add a user-friendly interactive element to the website.
  7. The Inclusion of Chatbots: Artificial Intelligence is no longer a futuristic vision since nowadays interacting with chatbots has become a common deal among people who regularly use the internet. The Inclusion of chatbots into the website will not only make the website interactive and user-friendly but will also help start your relationship with the potential customers off on the right foot. It’s likely that most people have interacted with a chatbot while posing a question to Siri or Alexa, or even spoken with one the last time they called their mobile service provider.
  8. Web Apps: Most web designers are intrigued by the impact that web apps have on mobile media platforms and therefore, they find it best to include such web apps into the website design by amalgamating the best web and app features into a hybrid known as Progressive Web Apps. Progressive Webs Apps are a full-fledged trend in the digital marketing space of 2019.
  9. Social-Media Networking: Nowadays when the whole world is into the various social media platforms, not using these platforms adequately to draw web as well as foot traffic would be extremely foolish. It is important and compulsory that the company’s web designers integrate all relevant social media platforms into your website design because allowing the users to access these social media platforms directly from the website itself immediately broadens the brand’s reach, visibility as well as traffic.
  10. Strong Security: On-site security is one of the most important aspects to work on while developing or designing a website and cannot be compromised at any cost at all. It is extremely crucial for every design to include appropriate and effective security and privacy protocols such as basics security checks, etc.

Now the only question one should ask after going through the aforementioned trends and tips is whether their website lives up to the latest 2019 trends. If the answer is negative the very next should be an immediate makeover and online renovation of the website keeping in mind the latest trends of 2019. Implementing these tips and tricks into the website design and incorporating these standards as a mandatory design baseline for the company’s website will have a significant impact on the overall website development as well as in attracting appropriate foot as well as web traffic.

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Author Bio - Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on Market Research Services . For More: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook:

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Thomas Rich

    December 6, 2019 at 6:28 am

    Great advice! There are so many web design companies out there it is important to differentiate yourself from others by offering unique or more services. Thanks for sharing!

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