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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools for 2019

The social media management tools help to manage the
customer relationships, schedule publishing tasks, measure the marketing
analytics, measure the success of our campaign and make a suitable changes on
the basis of deep understanding and imagination

As we know that social media platforms play an important role in the promotion of our product online. We can quickly bring thousands of visitors to our website just by effectively using social media. Social media marketing can provide an astounding and incredible success to our brands when it is used correctly or appropriately. Social media management tools help to run the campaign successful and are also necessary for doing online marketing and business.

The social media management tools help to manage the customer relationships, schedule publishing tasks, measure the marketing analytics, measure the success of our campaign and make suitable changes by deep understanding and imagination. The landscape of social media platform is very dynamic, and every year new feature updates, tools and trends are introduced on social media platforms. The social media platforms provide a tremendous opportunity to share ideas about brands and to convert visitors and users into customers.

Here is the list of top 10 social media marketing tools:-

Sprout Social: – Sprout social is a great social media management tools that help to find form and real deep connection with peoples. This collaborative social media platform allows for smarter, faster and effective social
relationships. It is a useful tool that provides services of social media customer service, social media analytics, social media marketing and management.  It also allows for connecting all the social media managers to communicate, share and collect their efforts and hard work on one single platform. It helps to build our
online community by a natural start-up process, and it also allows for managing several social media profile across many multiple channels.

Agora pulse: – Agora pulse is a great and helpful marketing tool which helps marketers to manage their social accounts practically and also allows for connecting their all channels on one single platform. It helps to build
meaningful, healthy and strong relationships with the followers.  It also provides for personalising the contents
for each social networking site and even for monitoring and responding to all the social conversations at one particular place. Whereas it helps in arranging the post in advance.

Canva : – As we know that content with attractive and creative design looks interesting and attracts more viewers and readers. In the marketing field, visual content is more valuable in comparison to material with text. Canvas is an excellent
tool for creating attractive images, creative designs and layout.  Since with its photo editing features, it
also allows for editing the photos and adding the frames, textures for creating excellent visual content.  In an
online marketing producing eye-catchy content and templates is very important and plays a very vital role; hence this is a helpful tool for creating great photo content and models.  It is easy to use and also has a drag and drop design tool features which helps for creating high-quality graphics.  It also has some layout templates to choose and create several creative designing and presentations.

Buffer : – Buffer is a helpful and excellent tool for doing social media marketing. It helps to post the contents on social networking sites very quickly and can publish all the posts automatically by posting schedule.
It can also save our time, and we can also allow for work together by including 25 members from the team.  It helps to
schedule the social media contents easily and manage all the accounts at one particular roof. This tool also offers a free plan for the starters.

Social Bakers: – Social baker is a great marketing tool that allows the brands to work smartly on social media platforms through artificial intelligence for understanding the behaviour of an audience. This marketing tool helps to engage and increase the customer base through the content personalisation.  It also allows for knowing about the
audiences and what they want to see and will even manage all the social media publishing from one particular place in very less time and hence will also save time.  It also helps in getting a report based on social media performance in just a few seconds.

Tail wind: – Tail wind is a great marketing tool for those visual marketers who generally use Pinterest and Instagram.  This marketing tool is used to analyse the results, amplify the reach, monitor the conversations and create content. It also allows for using more shortcuts and hash-tag lists which will also save time. It is affordable for many small businesses and suitable for enterprises. Since by using the best and right Instagram hash-tags it helps to get more reach of right peoples.

Hoot-suite : – Hoot-suite is a great social media marketing tool that helps to manage all the social media accounts through a single dashboard. By using this tool, we can control, find and schedule the social media content very
easily. This tool also allows for maintaining a strong social media presence just by scheduling hundreds of post at a time, whereas this tool can also protect all the profiles, passwords and login information. Hoot-suite allows
for tracking the reputation of a brand and will also help to observe that what the users are sharing about the brand on social media. Hoot-suite also allows for making smart business decisions just by providing detailed
awareness and understanding of current activities and posts. Since there are offices of Hoot-suite on more than 500 desired locations in the world and it also assists and provides a helping hand to customers in more than 175 countries,
therefore the Hoot-suite is an excellent choice for international companies and
remote teams.

Sprinklr : – The sprinklr is all 4-in-1 social media marketing tool that helps in social advertising, customer care and social engagement. The sprinklris used by the leading performers in sales, advertising, care and marketing and
also manage activities on over 20 global channels, which make it an ideal package for international corporations. It can also be used in several different languages including Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.  It can be used to prepare an optimized and meaningful post and arrange them for publishing on several social networks. This platform is built on a single code base, which makes everything work together. It works on the principle of unified social data and also allows for responding to the conversations that are happening around our brand across several social media platforms.  Since the sprinklr also allows for tracking the market trends and audience engagement and it also collects the reporting metrics across several multiple channels.

Sendible : – Sendible is a great marketing tool for agencies to manage social media for multiple clients. In business, it allows for managing social media marketing in a more effective way and for understanding the ROI better. It allows for measuring the productivity of our social media accounts and email campaigns, and it also helps
to prepare the social media reports with pre-designed templates for our clients in just a few minutes. It provides an option for checking the schedule post and social media analytics. Since sensible is a great social media management tool having all the main features.

Spredfast: – The spredfast is an important and helpful social media marketing tool that allows for creating, measuring and publishing the content. It helps in making the brand stronger and will also grow the business. This
tool can be used to monitor several campaigns across several social media platforms and many brands. This marketing tool also allows for checking all the social media activities at one particular place and increase productivity.

Organization is one of a key to success in marketing. Social listening allows us to know what other people
are thinking and saying about our Industry, brands and competitors across social media. Not only using the social media marketing tools makes our life easier but also the social media management platforms allow us to manage several social profiles at one particular place, run contests, schedule post and track the analytics.

Social media marketing tools are very much important and useful for promoting brands on social media
platforms. These social media marketing tools can help to create the content and engage the audience in a more effective way. We should use social media marketing tools to measure the ROI and to promote the brand on social media platforms. Every marketer has different needs, and each marketing tool has its function and perspective, so it is difficult to figure out which marketing tool is suitable for our need. A True and a right social media marketing tools can be a game changer for our social strategy.

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