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Top 10 New Single Player Android Games of 2020

There are so many android games with open-world, more lines of dialogue, sprawling story along with five-star reviews that looks incredible when talking about new android games. However, some top android games are worth investing your time and allowing you to enjoy. So, here we have tailored a list of top 10 new android games for a single player but be aware as you could be getting stuck in these games!!

Crossing Gaps Hero

This is a simple and addictive game that can be played anywhere and anytime with one finger. In this, the player stands on the first pillar and he needs to build a bridge to go to the second pillar. The most interesting thing about the game is the distance between 2 pillars, if the user falls in the burning rives that lie between these pillars, then it will be out of the game.

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Latest Jump

If you love challenges, then download and play this one of the amazing free games for android that gives users an enthralling feel of joy. It will be fun to play and easy to access. For earning more points, you require tracking the points for multiple block colors. And just tap to jump on the box and try to reach as far as possible while gathering power boosters in limited time.

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The Legend of Zelda

The scale of this game is immense along with a breathing world, Hyrule a living with so much to learn and do, it is completely overwhelming. You will be dropped into a land that bounces out in each direction, and a bare minimum of hand-holding that needs the player to find the way. And, you have to fight the final boss from the start of the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2

This is one of the thrilling new android games that can be referred to as a vast game, in both terms of the sheer size of the map and its breadth and depth of what you could actually do. They contain a full fleshed-version of the wildlife to discover, explore, and try to train ultimately.

The Witcher 3

It includes boasting a vast, open-world to explore along with deep combat that made a massive sword-swinging and weighty enough to be fun to play and impressive to explore. This game also vaunts an amazing character in the grouchy, perma-horny Geralt. It provides a bona fide result to the story in a blockbuster final round.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

It is offering the player choice of between 2 main characters, this game is known for its massive scope and its weight of ambition. Its playground is lavish with ancient Greece and players who are able to explore the perfectly realized world by sea or land. Involve yourself in uncountable exploits by avoiding plenty of hunters to search for mythic creatures and changing the political area.

Latest Roulette

It is one of the best casino games with an impressive design that will give you the feel of a real Las Vegas casino on your android phone. Also, this comes in the list of free games for android. It delivers fascinating casino experience with the best features to enhance your gameplay. When you download it, you will get 3000 bonus chips free.

Platform: Once Upon A Tower

This game flips a variety of game elements inside it and despite the prince charming rescuing the princess from a tower, the prince is dead in this. And, the princess is fighting with some beasts to escape the dragon. She will have every kind of monster in this from spiders to ogres to climb up the walls. You can gather the coins and power-ups when you will need them for escaping the tower. It is a kind of endless fun.

Puzzle: Sudoku

It is among free games for android that are available on play stores filled with sudoku games and you can also play it offline. This game does the basics right that all you want some time. There are 4 levels and a timer to finish it within a limited time. You can also check whether you are doing the puzzles in the right way or not.

Racing: Traffic Rider

When you are out of the internet and nothing to do, you can play this game with a different virtual highway. Get on the bike and dodge the traffic of the city as you have to reach the finish line first. It is like an endless racer and you can opt for other modes like simple endless runner or time trials in this game by avoiding the hurdles.


Here are all the new Android games that are worth spending your time when you are alone at home or want to enjoy it very much. For more exploring these types of games, you can contact the top game app development company Zuobox that has vast experience in the gaming field and will help you in every way.

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