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4 Uses for Double-Sided Tape

Adhesives have had a long history that dates back to 70,000 BC. For instance, the sealants were used by ancient civilizations in South Africa to protect cave painting from the elements. Even better, the Neanderthals used tar more than two hundred years ago to achieve the same results. 

With time, the Greeks and Romans then refined glue production and distribution. As a result, they paved the way for future innovations. However, it is in 1932 that the first factory-produced adhesive rolled out of the supply chain. Since then, adhesive technology has evolved into what we have today.

Thankfully, tape adhesives are now a familiar sight and are readily available. They help us to stick items in tight corners or package up items to ship off to another part of the world. Moreover, adhesive strips find use in a variety of home and industrial applications. 

All you must do is find the right paper, silicone, acrylic, or rubber adhesive. You can then use it for the following applications. Therefore, read on. 

1) Bonding Two Surfaces Together

From research, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that adhesives have influenced human lives for millennia. Gratefully, people still appreciate adhesive tapes for the following reasons. First, glue sticks two surfaces together. 

Secondly, adhesives evenly distribute the stress on a load. Apart from that, glue protects metallic surfaces from corrosion. The above benefits combined with the tape’s ability to resist flex and vibration makes the compound unbeatable.

Anyhow, many people do not realize that skill and training are irrelevant when it comes to sticking two elements with glue. After all, you can use the double coated or double sided strips to create an unbreakable seal for you. Most of all, sticky tapes help you achieve a neater look after every application. Thus, you should invest in such tapes for you to get the best results.

2) Advertising And Signage

Advertising is an excellent marketing gimmick that has built businesses into brands for years. Unfortunately, most advertising strategies today are expensive. Therefore, they remain unreachable to the ordinary entrepreneur.

Luckily, adhesive tapes are the current magnet when it comes to signage propping. They appeal to consumers because they are easy to use. Secondly, the strips are inexpensive, meaning they do not rob you of your hard-earned fortune. 

Most importantly, the double tapes hold items on walls and other surfaces firmly. Therefore, the hanging portraits do not fall easily. With that in mind, the strips are useful in significant advertisement projects. 

After all, they hold large signboards in place. All you must do is use the right thickness of the adhesive. You can then anchor your sign on the wall by applying a little pressure. 

3) Underlayment

The most professional builders invest time and money when creating a masterpiece. Heck, they even introduce new techniques to make a building outlive its lifespan. Nonetheless, you now understand why adhesives are universal in construction sites. 

They come in handy during underlayment and sub-flooring. Much better, the sticky strips secure PVC sheets laid on the foundation in place. Thus, such homes are never at risk of flooding. 

Yet there is more. The tapes also make buildings airtight. In consequence, your home becomes corrosion and oxidation free.  

Additionally, the adhesives protect your property from noise pollution, thus making your living quarters peaceful. Most importantly, the strips come in handy during thermal insulation. After all, they hold insulation plates in place, thereby preventing air from flowing in and out of the house. 

4) Packaging

The packaging industry is diverse. It attracts consumers from all over the world. Unfortunately, only those companies that use superb wrapping solutions benefit.

With that in mind, it would help if you banked on the two-faced adhesive tape. The strip will provide you with a bond that is hard to break. Despite the perfect finish, you will also be confident that goods and other fragile items will reach their destination safely. Most importantly, the adhesive sealant will keep your things airtight and waterproof. 

As you can see, adhesive tapes are a blessing. They protect metallic surfaces from rust, distribute stress on loads, resist heat, flexing, and vibrations, bond items together, and more. Therefore, you must use the double-faced adhesive tape for you to enjoy the advantages listed earlier. After all, you have nothing to lose.

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