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Top 10 Marketing Strategies of Successful Entrepreneurs

Online advertising has become the go-to solution for countless professional businesses. The reason for this is that online marketing not only costs less when compared to traditional marketing techniques but can also be measured and verified more easily. This doesn’t mean that traditional, or offline marketing efforts can’t help you build and promote your business. In fact, the best marketing strategies are the ones that include both online and offline advertising. That said, here are 10 effective marketing strategies you should incorporate into your overall marketing plan.

1. Billboards

Billboards are an excellent way to promote your brand, particularly in high traffic areas. Depending on the size of the billboard and the particular location, they can be somewhat expensive. However, they are very useful in promoting newly-opened businesses, as they need all the exposure they can get. Just make sure that the contact information is clear and readable from a distance.

2. Coupons and flyers

Printed marketing material is very inexpensive to make, yet it does wonders for publicity and brand awareness. You can distribute them to the location of your store or at any place where potential customers can be found. Playing around with graphics, fonts, and colors is perfectly fine, as long as the contact information and a call-to-action are clearly visible.

3. Direct mail

Direct mail is another inexpensive method which is often used to target particular geographic locations. They should include relevant information regarding your business and the products and services you’re offering. Direct mail can quickly pay itself off, especially when coupled with discounts and special promotions.

4. Giveaways

If you ever found yourself at a tradeshow event, chances are you’ve had your hands full with promotional products. Although it’s hard to measure them for return-of-investment, giveaways are very efficient marketing tools for raising brand awareness. Most companies settle for netbooks, pens, and t-shirts, but if you have a bigger budget, you can use high-quality shirts and Moleskin notebooks to leave an even better impression.

5. Newspaper ads

Whether it’s high school or college newspapers or a more serious publication, newspaper ads are still relevant and widely used. They are useful for targeting specific demographics which could potentially find your products and services appealing. Just be careful, as larger newspaper agencies tend to charge a lot more for their advertising space than your average college newspaper.

6. Networking

Networking is important for marketing as it allows people to connect a face to your business and find out more about you and your company. This makes the products and services you offer appear more genuine and relatable. A simple handshake is more than enough to provide the potential customers with reassurance that your business is credible and worth investing their time and resources.

7. Speaking engagements

Speaking engagements represent one of the best opportunities to promote your business. You get put in a room full of audience who is already primed and interested in what you have to say. Most businesses use them to not only create credibility and raise brand awareness but also to establish thought ridership inside their companies. If you’re a small business owner, then it is best to start with your local association and work your way up the speaking ladder.

8. Trade publications

Almost all industries have their own trade publications. These publications regularly include new products and/or services offered by your company, as well as some very fascinating stories about new businesses and entrepreneurs shaking up the industry.

9. Trade shows

Having a booth at a trade show is very useful for networking and product promotion. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to find and afford a booth, so most smaller businesses end up splitting a booth with companies which offer a similar line of products. It’s recommended that you visit a trade show even if you don’t have your own booth, as they are ideal for networking and overall brand promotion.

10. Signs and banners

Custom vinyl banners and signs are great for promotion of physical business stores. They should remind the potential customer that your store is nearby and invite them to check all the new products and services being offered by your business. They are fairly inexpensive to make and the guys from Banner Printing Sydney recommend you place them strategically around the store in order to achieve the best results.

The Internet is the ideal solution for reaching a massive audience in a short period of time. But best marketing strategies involve both offline and online efforts in order to create the optimal marketing plan. Some traditional marketing methods may appear to be somewhat old-fashioned to some, but they are very efficient when it comes to establishing business credibility and promoting brand awareness. Work these strategies into your existing marketing plan and you’ll see an increase in traffic in no time.

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Christina White is a marketing consultant from Sydney. She's been working with different companies for 6 years now. When taking a break from making new marketing slogans, you can find her hiking with her furry four legged companion or just sharing positivity among her friends.

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