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Tips to Fix Bugs in PHP Core

Most of the time, these bugs are quite crucial towards php development and must be fixed instantly, before they get to cause some serious damages.

At present, it’s quite difficult to pass a PHP framework without bugs. You might have tried a lot in testing the core PHP applications, but all in vain. At the very end, you might have slipped that one code, which contains bugs. Most of the time, these bugs are quite crucial towards PHP development and must be fixed instantly, before they get to cause some serious damages. Their work can hamper your files, and you might find it difficult to recover later. So, fixing these bugs this instant is your only solution towards success. But before you get to remove the bugs, don’t forget to track them. Tracking forms the first step towards successful bug removal.

Replicate the bugs

It does not matter whether your said PHP bug can be replicated or not, you have to try to replicate it locally first. This will provide you with the platform to fix it well. Try forking PHP or PHO-SRC, and get to clone it locally. If you have already gone through this step, try updating the clone. Alongside, make sure to retrieve the latest tagged releases too, with it. PHP 5.6 is the lowest form of PHP that the bug can affect. The standardized form is to target the lowest affected version. After that, it’s the duty of SRC developers to merge the fix, as and when necessary.

Number 1: Testing the core regions well in development environment

Even though it forms an obvious part of the development program, still PHP developers tend to forget it. Some developers even ignore using development environment in the first place, for developing some PHP applications. In layman’s term, such environment is termed as a setup, which you must have on the local computer. It works more or less like production server. Therefore, it is mandatory to run a same web server with the operational system.

Covering the differences

If you ever come across any difference between the production environment and development, then these differences might cover bugs in said application. Never forget to use test scripts, which will help in examining every part of your application. However, elaborated tests might take more time to complete. But, you must indeed take some time out from your busy schedule, and make way for tests.

Number 2: Separating code from configuration files

Using variant environments for testing your application seems to be a pretty good idea. But in some, your application might run low. Furthermore, you need to be aware of the steps to deal with various databases first. These details are somewhat different in the environment and need to be mentioned in configuration files. You can try creating a configuration class for such application. The variables, over here, help in defining flexible values.

Number 3: Help from assertion condition tests

Sometimes, it is indeed necessary to track some PHP bugs through assertion condition examinations. Once you have reached production server, some bugs will easily find their ways into the system. This is a common scenario, unfortunately. Even after testing the applications on different platforms, you might face this last-minute bug fixing challenge, every time.

However, you should try detecting bug symptoms first. It helps in minimizing eventual bug damages. For that, you might have to insert assertion code.

Number 4: Avoid displaying PHP errors on websites

While dealing with real time projects, it becomes hard to know the place, where assertion condition works. In case, the assertion code is not present, then running such codes can lead to some PHP warnings. These warnings must never be used for showing runtime error messages. This might pave ways to malicious intentions of people to abuse your website. You always have the right to prevent such PHP display error messages. For that, you need to incorporate this line in your configuration file, “display_errors = Off.”

Number 5: Monitoring PHP error file

You might not be aware of this fact, but error logs are quite useful for discovering bugs. But, that does not mean you have to invest entire time in working with PHP error files. So, you should find ways to notify yourself whenever a PHP error takes place. So, how about adding Log Watcher class with your system? It helps in monitoring log files and even sends email messages whenever any new lines are added.

This Log Watcher can be used for the script in every 5 minutes’ time. You can use it for tracking some new lines, as added to PHP error log file. For detailed information, do not forget to log online and check out on some examples.

Follow the tips well

These tips mentioned above are quite promising whenever you are planning to fix bugs in PHP core levels. It forms a crucial part in PHP web development. The more you work hard, the more you can relieve your programs from bugs. It is interesting enough to follow these points and enjoy a bug-free program.

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