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Tips to Travel on Indian Railways

Traveling by train is one of the most authentic and genuine ways of traveling in INDIA. Amongst the chaotic, hustling, and bustling sounds which surround an Indian railway station is the thrill to see villages, paddy fields, factories and daily life while traveling. To enjoy the scenic beauties which pass by; one must take care of certain things which can come real handy on a running train. Here are some tips which will really help you while traveling on Indian trains.

Book Online: There were days when people used to go to railway stations to get tickets. Today, trains can be conveniently booked online via One can also book them through private websites like and These websites not only make booking easy but also in a case of cancellation, it’s easy to get refunds. Furthermore, nominal fees are charged on every booking.


Decide between thrill and comfort: When you book tickets; you will find a difference between classes. Sleeper class, AC III, ACII and AC I. The major difference lies between the comfort zone, personal space and the food which is served in these classes. The fare differs likewise.

Luxurious Trip by Indian Railways: Indian Railways offers a range of luxury trains in India like Maharajas’ Express, Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, The Golden Chariot and the Deccan Odyssey that provides different tour itineraries, helping you to experience the luxury enjoyed by the royal families of the past. Experience the uniqueness and essence of India while enjoying the camel safari, witnessing the folk dances and being on the sand dunes through one of the luxurious train of the world- Maharajas’ Express. That is why you should board the luxury trains of India to feel lavishness on-board.

Maharaja's Express

Keep your things safe: Regardless of the type of class you are travelling in; be sure to keep an eye on your belongings safe. It’s a good idea to get a small handy lock for your bags along with the chain. And this rule applies to almost every train until and unless you are travelling in trains like Shatabdi Express and Heritage trains like Maharajas’ Express. But, this should not take you to over- worrying. Relax and enjoy the journey.

Carry hand wash soaps and anti – bacterial hand wash: Although all trains have soap in their toilets yet it’s good to keep hand wash handy as the trains can sometimes run out of soap! If you have babies with you then carrying baby wipes is really a good idea.

Travel Light: Always travel light; it’s the best thing you can do while travelling on a train. Indian railway stations are generally very long and one has to walk a lot to reach the train. Porters ( dressed in red coats with name plates on them) are available and they carry the load on charges. However, if the luggage is too much, then charges too can be high. So, to avoid paying a lot; it’s far better to have smaller and lighter bags. Always read the name of porter while handing over your luggage as that’s the only way to find them in case you lose sight of them as they really walk fast!

Do pack must – have’s: While packing for train travel, so pack some must – have’s. The list includes hand – sanitizer, toilet paper and tissue, energy bar, wafers, water bottle, pain killers and sheet for sleeping on berth( if travelling in sleeper class).

Bring a good fiction or iPod: If your journey is more than 24 hours, then it’s a good idea to bring along a good fiction as afternoons can get really boring. You can also get an iPod to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty while listening to songs. The ever – changing landscapes of Indian cities and villages are equally charming.

A Patient; bring your own stuff: If you have a patient traveling with you who has special food requirements; then it’s a good idea carry your own food. Very good hygiene can be a question and so it’s better if one gets home cooked food or something prepared from a good restaurant.

Be flexible: While traveling in any Indian train, be flexible as people on – board come with their own ways which can sometimes be uncomfortable. So, be flexible to a limit. If you are a light sleeper, get a headphone and a good night’s sleep among the hustle and bustle of  running train.

Traveling in an Indian train can be really comfortable if all these tips are taken care of.

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