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Tips to Creating Killer Educational Videos

Creating e-learning videos no longer has to be such a hassle with the beauty of technology and AI. If you don’t feel like creating the videos yourself, or if you are not technically equipped, you can turn to AI-generated media to do it all for you. The good thing about AI is you get to create educational videos quickly provided you have all the resources with you.

What Are Educational Videos?

Educational videos have become an integral part of education with multimedia being the preferred choice of content delivery. The major selling point of educational videos is they offer a chance for learners to enjoy themselves as they learn.

As a bonus, you can create educational videos quickly and offer just as much content if not more than actual lectures.

When you want to create an eLearning video, consider these three elements:

  • How to manage the cognitive load of the video.
  • How to maximize learner engagement with the video.
  • How to promote active learning from the video.

Tips to Getting It Right

Choose the Video Type That Works Best for You and Your Students

There are a plethora of options when it comes to the video formats you can deploy – both entirely your input and AI-generated media.

For instance, if you are presenting a PowerPoint presentation, why not go for a screencast? It is perfect for the job. Another perfect application of screencast would be when you want to walk your learners through using some computer software.

Compress the Video for Mobile Viewing

You will want to have all your learners covered in terms of accessing and viewing the content. That includes learners with a slow internet connection. As such, your e-learning video should be compressed for better accessibility for them to view the video and gain the information they need.

Another advantage compression offers is it can allow them to download the video for later viewing if need be.

Get the Editing Right

Editing is every bit as important as the video itself, especially when explaining a complex skill. Create learning videos that are edited to be smooth and flow together seamlessly. Video editing is pretty time-consuming so take your time to get it right – I promise you it’s worth it.

Getting the editing right means investing in high-quality editing software. These tools will help you convert the raw video footage into a very effective e-learning video. Some tools even offer animation features so you can add a spin to your videos perhaps in potentially sticky situations to lighten the mood.

If you are working on a budget, don’t worry, there are free tools and low-cost options for you provided you have some basic video editing experience. You can also hire a professional video editor to do it for you.

Show the Skills in Action

As I had mentioned earlier, the main advantage of learning videos is how they engage all the senses with the learning visual component they provide. What’s the point of an educational video on how to properly dust a laptop if you don’t show it in action?

If it’s a skill or task you are demonstrating, you can use stock footage or use simple animation. Another great way of approaching this is splitting the screen with what to do and what not to do sides.

I guess what I am trying to put across is ‘show, not tell.

Entertain Your Audience

Learners in this digital era pretty much expect some entertainment or engagement in e-learning programs otherwise they might as well opt to sit for 3-hour long boring lectures. Integrating some entertainment like well-timed humor and some storytelling is essential to keep learners engaged.

Do not overdo it though. Be careful with it not to go too far and stray from the point of your e-learning videos. Learning is the number one priority in any educational video. Otherwise, it doesn’t hurt to add some delight and humor to your learners.

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I am Christine Romeo, a writer and business journalist. I love to write about the latest tech innovations and business trends. I have a background in marketing and communications, so I'm especially interested in how technology is changing the way we do business. When I'm not writing, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

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