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TIPS FOR STUDENTS: How to get control over your fear of mathematics

Math phobia is a pretty common issue in both schools and colleges. Most students suffer from this phobia at least to a certain extent as a result of a number of factors ranging from humiliating past experiences to basic math misconceptions.

Most consider these issues a problem. But if you do nothing about them to get them under control, you will face a host of difficulties in future as far as math and other related subjects (such as Physics, Chemistry, Electronics etc.) are concerned.

In this article, we discuss a few tips that are based on this exact topic. You might find them handy enough to get your math phobia under control (in case you have any). So let’s begin without further ado.

1. Know your symptoms

First things first. You need to confirm whether you really have math phobia or not. Here are a few symptoms that you can refer to for proper identification.

  • Panic: A feeling of helplessness arises as soon as you encounter something that’s even remotely connected with mathematics. This feeling of panic can occur anywhere. It can occur in schools, colleges, tuitions or even on the road.

  • Paranoia: It’s the feeling of being left out. Do you think that you are the only person in the world who’s suffering from this kind of issue that’s related specifically to mathematics? Well if you do, you are suffering from paranoia for sure.

  • Negative mentality: Is there always something negativity involved especially when you are involved in mathematics? Is your head and mind always screaming a “no” whenever you start scribbling the sum on the piece of paper? If it’s a “yes,” you might have a phobia.

  • No self-confidence: Even simple sums like a 2+2 gives you a whole lot of trouble at the start. You always have to rely on others to help you out of such situations. If you think you belong in this category we are talking about, you have the phobia might friend.

Note: Do remember that exhibiting even one of the symptoms listed above might confirm the fact that you ARE suffering from the math phobia.

2. DO NOT shy away from your fear

The natural instinct of our body is to shy away from fear as much as possible. Don’t do the same here especially if you want to succeed in the long run. Show the guts and face your fear.

Get involved. You don’t have to practice math for hours at a stretch to curb your phobia. Even a small 30 minute session can work wonders. But the most important thing is the fact that you TRY it religiously every day.

3. Questions can be your answers

Most students suffering from math phobia have developed this mindset that if they try to clarify their doubts in front of the entire class, they might be belittled a bit as a result of their supposed incompetence.

Now do realize that this is just a myth. Your mind is just playing tricks with you. Asking questions can NEVER belittle you in any way whatsoever. So never hesitate to clarify your doubts in front of your teachers whether you are in class or tuition or whatever. These things can definitely benefit you in the long run.

4. EXAM TIP: Easy first, rest for later

Apply this tactic in examination and you will definitely see your scores improve over time.

Read the entire question paper thoroughly from the top to the bottom and point out the questions that are the easiest of the lot. To be more specific I would like to say, point out those questions that looks the friendliest of the lot. Tick them out so that you can notice them in a jiffy.

And then just go for it. Do those sums one after the other and don’t pay any heed to the rest at least for the time being. You will definitely see results over time.

5. Last but not the least, DO NOT just read math

“Old is gold” and this proverb is particularly true when mathematics is concerned.

You need to do math in the old-fashioned way to get the best results. Get a piece of paper, grab a pen and solve sums on the paper itself. Skimming through the math text book isn’t going to help you a lot especially when the subject in concern is math itself.

I am going to end this article with a final piece of advice. Always remember that your desire to succeed is the primary thing you require to curb your fear of math. So build up that desire, stop your procrastination and just get into it with a clear goal and a systematic plan. You will definitely get over your fear in no time.

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Steve Millard has 7+ years of experience in teaching and also explores a variety of niche to make it more meaningful to the students. His mission in life is to help young people become skilled and avid readers, writers as well as inquirers. He is heavily associated with MyPrivateTutor Australia and aids a lot to connect the right students with the right tutors according to their requirements.rnFollow him on twitter @SteveMillard4

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