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Separating the Men from the Boys: How to Casually look Smart

The look of a sophisticated man doesn’t have to be high profile all the time. A lot of guys get intimidated when it comes to fashion because they think it involves brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and other high-class names. Admittedly, these names are what almost comes to mind when it comes to looking sharp and fashionable.

Although there’s nothing wrong with it, most men prefer their style, which for most of the time, seems weird and out of place. However, being fashionably sharp doesn’t have to be ridiculously pricey. In fact, it’s the other way around: You can fashionably look awesome without having to break the piggy bank.

Here are some tips to look good. Time to separate the men from the boys.

Dressing like a Grown up and Being Mature

Most guys think that looking sharp means dressing young. This kind of thinking is what makes women and other potential partners stay away from men who dress like boys. Guys should always wear their age and be mature.

Being mature doesn’t equate to dressing like your dad. Instead, it’s more like dressing on what makes you look sharp and smart. Maturity is a quality that most women highly value in men. Maturity is more than just a trend because it’s the thing that separates men from the boys.

Avoid Graphic tees like they’re the Plague

Believe it or not, most people don’t like the image of a grown man wearing a graphic t-shirt with a blue hedgehog named Sonic in the center. Go for more mature-themed shirts like solid, one-colored shirts, striped t-shirts, and henleys.

If you still can’t let go of the “fanboy” within you, you can still wear graphic shirts, but keep it more on the minimalist side. An example of this is a small logo of something in the pocket corner of a shirt. Also, try to avoid statement shirts. They’re quite annoying and offensive, especially if they have vulgar words as a logo or design.

Don’t Get Caught with your Pants Down

Don’t get caught with your pants down by wearing loose, baggy jeans. You wouldn’t want to pull up your jeans every few seconds. Avoid any modifications on your pants such as ripping and bleaching. The same rules also apply with pants: avoid logos on your pants.

Instead of choosing jeans mentioned above, opt for straight, clean, and dark blue jeans. You’ll look more sophisticated and feel good at the same time. You also have the option of spicing it up down there. Try wearing solid single-colored pants such as straight khakis or gray jeans to complement your overall look.

Step it up a Bit More

Shoes are part of a mature men’s smart casual look. Although sneakers are the favorite fail-safe footwear for most outfits, try opting for loafers. This kind of shoes makes the wearer look more sophisticated and classy.

Don’t be Afraid to do Layers

Most business-oriented men are masters at layering their casual wear. Most people are afraid of layering because they might think that others see them as odd or weird. Remember, less is more. Go for more simpler styles which complement your look. 

For example, a white shirt, dark blue jeans, and converse sneakers are stylish and never go out of style. What if we try to spruce it up a bit more? Pair it up with a blazer, and your look is instantly improved ten folds. Don’t be afraid to layer and experiment and find out what’s the best look for you.


Boys will eventually turn into young men. A sign of being mature and classy is by wearing clothes that are appropriate for you and the occasion. Looking smart doesn’t have to be expensive.

Although sticking to your style isn’t a bad thing, try separating yourself from most of the guys committing a fashion faux pass on a daily basis. Avoiding graphic and statement tees is a good start. Loose, baggy, and ripped jeans should also get listed off from your wardrobe. Small changes like these enable most guys to look casually smart while feeling very comfortable at the same time.

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Sofia Larosa is a fashion, lifestyle, and self-improvement blogger. She loves to travel around the world and learn the culture of the different places she's been in.

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