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Tips on Software Development Team With Enough Members

A professional and highly functional software development team requires lots of time to be built. Yet, even after that, you may need to downsize it or extend, based on the projects. Yet, the numbers are highly important. If you miss one player in the team, the whole work process may be in danger. You can always consider IT staff augmentation from companies like Sibeedge that quickly react and send professionals no matter the project’s stage. Yet, it is better to make sure you have enough specialists in advance.

Roles Inside the Team

Even if you are new to software development, you may already get the idea that there are roles for each member of the team and they differ. No matter whether the team is still new to each other, they all need to have clear separate tasks that have to complement each other. But who do you need in your team? How many designers do you need? Is one enough? While it depends on each particular project, there are some basic recommendations on the team structure:

  • Owner of the product. If the project is outsourced, there must be a client who brings the idea to the team. This person must also share the information with end-users. The rest of the team has to understand the main vision of the project as well;
  • Project manager. This is a position for the leader of the team for this particular project. The main task of this person is to optimize workflow and make sure that the project meets the product owner’s vision;
  • Software architect. This must be a professional software developer who will be leading the development process, making decisions on design. The architect must choose technical standards and make sure the team keeps up with them;
  • Usually, one developer is not enough. The developer is also known as a product engineer and based on the size of the project, you can decide how many of them you need;
  • They not only have to create the design but also make sure that it is user-friendly. Before the design appears, designers have to provide the market research, gather reviews, and create several models to choose from;
  • Business analyst. A business analyst is the one who provides ideas on how to improve a product’s appearance on the market. He/she has to interact with the audience and stakeholders, find out their wishes and desires;
  • QA or Quality Assurance is also known as a tester who has to check the product before its release. QA can join the process on any level, depending on the project manager’s decision.

The Best Team

No matter how many professional workers you hire, there still may be some minor gaps or flaws. Don’t let these minor obstacles stand in your way. You can always hire more people or change the tasks of team members based on their performance and skills. If you already have a working formula for your team, share it in the comments below. How many specialists usually work in the team? Which of them are on demand?

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