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Tips for Improving your Effectiveness as a Leader

Leaders are not born but they are made – the saying is true only because unless you show your qualities as a leader by taking control of things, you will not be counted as a leader. How much you are able to seize the opportunity and demonstrate the inherent leadership traits in you depend on the type of personality that you possess. A leader has to be expressive, a good communicator, have the vision for the future and be able to carve out the path towards achieving the goals that are set.

Leadership skills are dormant in people and it needs an opportunity to show up. All of us have some kinds of leadership skills in us, maybe many are also missing.  Identifying the skills that you lack is a difficult exercise that you have to take up. Once you know your deficiencies it becomes easy to develop wholesome skill sets that make a good leader. How you can do it has been discussed in this article.

Introspect to analyze yourself

Although leadership is all about understanding people, it takes off from the point when you are ready to understand yourself. Look within yourself to find out which leadership qualities you have and what needs to be acquired. First and foremost, understand the kind of leader you are. There are different leadership styles that can be followed but it has to match with your temperament and traits.  The style will also depend on the type of people you are leading. Are you of that kind who can take people along with you? Is problem-solving your forte and would you like to position yourself as a problem solver?  Moving ahead, try to understand how others perceive you in the role of a leader.

Next, step into the shoes of others whom you want to lead and try to understand what they expect from you. What purpose would you serve for the group by becoming the leader and what will be your goals? Having understood your strength and weaknesses start acting on the following.

Build trust among the group

You can only become a good leader when you enjoy complete trust of the team members. They have to repose their faith in you unconditionally so that it becomes easy for you to lead them to complete understanding.  Trust building happens only when you are able to connect with others in right earnest. And what could be better than communicating effectively that connects you with others? Be honest in your communication and speak in a language that the group understands.

The goal should be to develop a personal connection with the teammates that are essential for generating trust. Once trust is established, the foundation for a culture of exceptional performance and accountability has been laid. As a leader you need to be positive, empathize with others, love them and have compassion so that the team members are able to recognize the humane qualities that they appreciate.

Know your people

The resource at your disposal for achieving your leadership goals is the team that you work with.  It is important to know the strength and weaknesses of your team so that you can assess their abilities and set goals accordingly. This would help to set realistic goals that are achievable with the help of the resources at your disposal.  Knowing the capabilities of the team members will help you to organize the resources for the optimal use of the strengths that can give mileage to your dreams of making it big. The more you take care of your team; they would reciprocate by helping you to achieve your goals.

Keep the positives in focus

The going will not always be smooth and there will be situations when you meet with obstacles.  Develop the skills to handle such negative situations by focusing on the positives that emerge from it. While it might be easy to detect the failing elements, take the pain to identify the positives that lay within.  Working on the things that are right would give direction in solving the problem. The focus on positives encourages the team to shed the shackles of negativity that surrounded them and motivate them to find a plausible solution to the problem.  For more information on positivity, you can click on the getabstract website which is a storehouse of knowledge in business management.

Act and don’t talk

Be a demonstrative leader who is eager to show how to do because actions speak louder than words. This technique is also known as leading from the front.  This approach is bound to increase your effectiveness as a leader. As the team has complete confidence in you, when you do something to show them, they get enthused to follow it without any questions. It becomes easy for the followers to recognize the path and reach the destination with conviction without wasting time on debates and disputes.

Encourage creativity

Give enough space to people to express themselves so that they can contribute in the process. Instead of just giving commands to demonstrate the authority of a leader, allow them to speak out their minds. This would encourage them to come forward with creative ideas, even if some may appear to be puerile. Make them face new challenges such as enrolling in an organizational leadership degree online so that they are able to exploit their potential and you never know when the spark of brilliance can show up.

Know your effectiveness through feedback

Be it your peers, superiors or subordinates; establish a channel of communication to receive feedback about your ways of working. It is very difficult to do a self-assessment and right feedback can be very useful to judge your performance as a leader. The effectiveness of your leadership can be well understood and you can bring necessary changes to the leadership style and the way you approach it to make it more potent.

What keeps you moving on as a leader has also to be thought out.  In absence of the right motivation, you might find it very difficult to inspire others who can actually make you the leader that you want to be.

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David Wicks is blogger and writer. He enjoy writing posts more on fashion, technology and more other which are helpful to readers. He also like to spend more time on social media.

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