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Tips Anybody Considering Taking Up Vaping Should Know

Vaping has been a popular thing to do for quite a while now and has definitely shown itself to be more than a passing fad. It has helped a lot of people give up smoking tobacco and has become a more sociable alternative to smoking owing to the vapor being more pleasant to have around than smoke.

While the long-term effects of vaping are not yet fully known, and it is not yet possible to say that it is completely harmless, most studies that have been done into the topic agree it is far less harmful than smoking tobacco. It is therefore generally accepted that making the switch to e-cigs and vape juices rather than cigarettes is a positive thing to do if you can’t, or do not want to, give up the habit completely.

However, it can seem a bit daunting to someone who is used to cigarettes to switch to vaping, because of all the terminology, technology, and general culture that has grown up around it. There are so many different products now on the market and knowing which to choose, how to maintain your device, and what you actually need to have to be able to replace smoking with vaping can involve some research.

Here are some tips every beginner vaper should know:

Put Some Research into Your Device

Naturally, the first thing you are going to need to start vaping is an electronic cigarette device. There are countless brands and designs now, and which one is right for you will depend a lot on your budget and needs.

It is best not to skimp on the price of the device if you can afford not to. Think of it more like buying an electronic item you expect to be taking care of and using for a long time, rather than in the same terms as you would think of cigarettes. You can go cheaper with the consumables, for instance by buying your vape liquids from a bargain e-liquid retailer like, but for the technology itself it is best to get the best you can afford, so you have a reliable piece of equipment that won’t have annoying quirks and will last for as long as possible.

There is a large community of vapers on the web, and so it is easy, and always a good idea, to find consumer reviews of different devices. Make a shortlist of devices or starter kits in your price range and see what other people are saying about them to help you choose one that will fit with what you are looking for in terms of design, battery life, and other factors.

Learn All About Your Chosen Device

Whatever type of vape device your research leads you to buy, learn about it. Read the manual and the manufacturer’s website. While many of us are used to buying technological devices and just figuring them out as we go along, unlike with your phone or tablet, you are going to need to be taking your e-cig device apart and cleaning it, replacing its coil, and topping up the vape liquid. Being able to maintain your device properly will not only keep it in the best working order, but it will also make your vaping experience taste better.

Figure Out Your Nicotine Needs

When a smoker uses vaping as an alternative to cigarettes, they will need to find the right quantity of nicotine in their vape liquid to satisfy their cravings. It is then possible to reduce the nicotine concentration if you want to, and gradually break the addiction to it. When you have done that, you have the choice to either stop vaping, or vape using nicotine free e-liquids.

How much nicotine you should start with will depend on how heavy a smoker you are, and whether you normally smoke strong cigarettes or lighter ones. There are options across the whole spectrum, so you should be able to find something that will work for you, whether you are smoking 40 cigarettes a day or just five. However, choosing something that is too strong or too weak will prevent you from having a good experience as you begin to vape, so make sure you align what you buy with your current habits.

Experiment with Different Formulas

E-liquids are made up of two substances – PG and VG. VG gives more vapor and a ‘cloudier’ effect, and PG offers the kick at the back of the throat that most smokers are accustomed to. Different ratios offer a different experience, and so you should experiment with different liquids when you begin vaping, rather than buying one type in bulk and assuming it’ll be right for you straight away. In general, though, heavier smokers and smokers of strong cigarettes tend to find it best to start with high PG formulas.

Try Some Interesting Flavors!

While there are e-liquids that try and replicate the taste of normal or menthol cigarettes, there are also almost limitless other flavors available. These can offer a pleasant aroma and taste as you vape, and it can be a lot of fun to try different recipes. This is important because at first, it will take a while to get used to the difference between vaping and smoking, and you will feel less tempted to go back to cigarettes just for the familiarity if you have plenty of new and interesting products to try. Many popular flavors are sweet, for instance based on fruits, ice cream, desserts, and chocolate, but these are by no means your only options, so if you prefer the idea of something spicy or herbal, then you will have plenty to choose from.

Getting started with vaping can involve a fair amount of learning and experimentation, but it can be interesting to do. With time, most people get used to the small downsides like having to carry chargers and spare coils around and begin to really enjoy having made the switch from tobacco.

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