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Time to Release Your Disc Space —— DVDFab DVD Ripper Review

Nowadays, hard disks are developed to be with the capacity to store more and more files, however, they still have their limitations. Over these years, DVD enthusiasts like me spare no efforts to collect the good DVD movies discs. We don’t want to miss any either classical movies or blockbusters. And then, disk space seems to be not enough to satisfy our need.

How to deal with this situation

I think it’s time to release the disk space. But how? Yeah, we can make it by compressing DVD to output a small DVD file. But users this time may doubt the quality loss after compression. Is there any way to reduce the DVD size while don’t make a compromise on the DVD quality? Of course, the answer is yes.

A new and high efficiency video encoding technology comes out to meet this need. It is called H.265 (High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)), the successor of H.264, which is a capable of doubling the data compression ratio while don’t loss any original quality, and even produces higher-level videos.

As a powerful and up-to-date software, DVDFab DVD ripper is well-known by a vast range of people worldwide. It is dedicated to providing the best video experience. It is designed with an advanced H.265 Encoder, which can rip and convert the large size DVD to 2D $ 3D MP4 H.265 or MKV H.265 to greatly compress the source size while presents users more higher quality output results.

Following, please move on for the guide on how to compress the large size DVD with DVDFab’s DVD Ripper.

Before taking the DVD compression, please ensure that you have correctly installed DVDFab DVD Ripper. If you haven’t got one, go to the download page of the official website to get the newest version please. If you have got one, skip it then.


Step 1: Run it, and then load the source

Run it, and then load your DVD disc/ISO/folder by the input methods prompted on the main interface.

Step 2: Choose one H.265 format, and make settings for the output

After seconds of source loading, the operation interface will come into your sight. You can see that the titles embedded have been recognized and listed on the UI, audio tracks and subtitles as well. You can choose the parts you want to keep in the result. Then, move to the left panel, and click the profile switcher located upon the advanced settings to enter into DVDFab’s profile library. Navigate to Format -> Video, and choose MP4 H.265 or MKV H.265. You can also convert it to be a 3D video by choosing 3D MP4 H.265 or 3D MKV H.265 at the 3D Video panel.

For deeply customize, you can select the resolution, output video quality, sample rate, bit rate, etc. you need at the advanced settings part.

After that, move down, and select the output path for the result storing at the “Save to” part.

Step 3: Start the DVD compression

Then, we reach to the last step after checking all the settings. Go ahead and just make a click to trigger the Start button at the bottom right corner. By the second you hit it, the DVD ripping and compression is running immediately. DVDFab’s batching conversion can greatly shorten the processing speed. However, you shall notice that the final time will be determined totally by your PC hardware performance and the source size.

After the process, let’s check the output size.

Really amazing, right? And then, you can save more DVD movies or have other entertainments with the rest of disc space.

 Lydia is just a simple girl who likes to write software reviews and some short stories. More info about DVDFab DVD ripper, visit

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I'm a senior network writer,keen to share the different formats of videos and movies, also pay close attention to the newest developments in video software,then share my experiences or recommend appropriate stuff to people who need help.

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