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6 Common Tech Mistakes New Small Businesses Make

According to Money Brighter, launching a new business usually means learning some lessons the hard way. There are some scenarios that no business owner could be prepared for and sometimes, the best way to learn is by making mistakes. However, there are a lot of mistakes that new businesses commonly make that not only could have been avoided but can also be very costly for the business.

Some of the most common mistakes businesses make today are with the technology they use. With technology changing all the time, it can be difficult for any business to keep up, but not impossible. Here are six common tech mistakes new small businesses make and how to avoid making the same mistakes.

Not putting time into creating a great mobile app

A good mobile app is an essential part of every business plan today. By developing a successful android app, businesses can increase their marketing efforts, gain better brand recognition and increase profits for the business. A great mobile app takes time to create and maintain, so every business should put in the time to make sure their mobile app is a success.

Not training everyone on new technology

Technology updates are a common change that happens in the business world often. Many business owners will implement some new technology systems and leave their team to figure it out on their own. This may seem doable for many people, but it can lead to some serious problems. It is a good idea to host a training session every time technology changes within the business.

Not using a social media strategy

Social media is a driving force that can propel any business to a new level of success. Many business owners are still skeptical of the value of social media, or simply do not know how to use it to its full advantage. It is important for every business today to have a social media plan that keeps their business relevant online and off.

Not using a clear website design

Navigating through a website is often the first impression that many new customers get of a business. Therefore, the website should be flawless to give the best first impression possible to whoever stumbles upon it. Businesses that have a website that is difficult to navigate or do not clearly state the business’s information and mission will lose a lot of customers.

Not updating their technology often enough

Technology updates can be expensive. This leads many businesses to put it off far too long. This mistake may seem harmless, or even smart if money is tight, but staying up to date with technology is essential for any business to survive. Investing in new technology is always worth the extra cost.

Not using more than one method for backup

Many businesses are trying to work without paper files today. This is a smart move for many reasons, but for those who only use one online storage method, it could be disastrous. Businesses need to be certain that there is always a second backup for their filing system.

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Jessica Socheski is a a freelance writer and tech enthusiast who frequently researches and writes about technology news. She also edits for The Teaching Box and can be found on Twitter.

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