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Think Outside The Box: Ways of Making Your Start Up Successful

“Thinking outside of the box” became a popular slogan in the days when innovation was not as implemented as it is today. What if we took a different approach and decided that there was never a box, like one of the talented kids said in the movie “The Matrix”, “there is no spoon”. Which, for Neo, meant that he was still in the Matrix, and everything was just a computer program he could manipulate. It is the same when we think of the imaginary box of business and startups. We don’t have to think outside the box, because there is no box unless we believe there is. There is only unlimited potential and creativity, better known as innovation, or having a disruptive business model. So, in this article, we will be discussing the topic of how to make a startup successful.

Making Your Start-Up Successful

A startup by definition is one of the toughest things to do in business and life in general. First, we have to learn and educate ourselves to understand what we’re doing. Then we have to be creative enough to find a problem worth solving that people will pay for. How do you find these people? What should the name of the company be? How much money will you need to launch this business? These are the questions that allow an entrepreneur to think outside of the box.

Do not follow the norm

As we mentioned earlier, we have to think differently by imagining that there is no box. Okay, so if nothing is keeping us from reaching our goals, how creative can we get? Look at what other companies in your space are doing and do something that will make you different. If most companies sell door-to-door, figure out how to get online. If they’re selling online, figure out how you can open up a storefront, etc.

Create HUGE goals

Having goals so big that they scare you is a great tactic to get the creative juices flowing. When there’s a goal big enough that it seems impossible, people find the resources needed to get there. There is a short story of a man who led his troops into enemy territory. They were traveling by boat and he told everyone to burn the boats because they were “either going to win or die on that island.” They ended up winning the war because the goal was so big, and there was no way of going back so they had to be creative and give it they’re all.

Delve into different sectors

Sometimes creativity doesn’t come naturally or we get stuck in a rut. When this happens it is important to find the time to look into other industries for inspiration. For example, if you own a real estate business, why not figure out how to use the strategies that a digital marketer uses, or what Amazon is doing to get clients to your own business. If you have a pet-grooming business why don’t you go to restaurant etiquette training and see what you can bring back to the business? These things will differentiate you because they will be different, and no one else will be doing it.

In conclusion in this article, we discussed the topic of how to think outside of the box. There are three ways in which to make your startup successful by doing this which include not following or doing what everyone else is doing, having huge goals and short deadlines, and looking to other industries for inspiration to bring back.

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