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Things You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

The first and the foremost thing for you to understand is what exactly cloud computing is all about. Cloud computing basically is a form of computing that depends on distributing computing resources rather than depending upon local servers or any personal device for handling of the applications.

It becomes easy to make the computing devices available for people around the world with the help of World Wide Web or let’s just say the internet. To understand in a better manner, Cloud is nothing but a metaphor for “internet”. Cloud computing itself means “a form of internet-based computing”, where various other services like servers, storage and applications are delivered with the help of internet. Software development specialists also believe cloud computing to be the thing of today and tomorrow and it could play a much bigger role in the years to come.

After understanding what cloud computing is all about, let us find out the key advantages it offers.

  • Helps to reduce the IT costs
  • It improves mobility
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • It is Flexible

Keeping in mind the security and management that is more importantly required, there are mainly three ways clouds can be built to match the requirements of the businesses.

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Now, let us understand each one of them individually.

Public Cloud:   It is based on a basic cloud computing model, where a service provider makes the resources, namely applications and storage, accessible to the public over the internet. This service can be available at zero cost or based on pay as per the usage.  These are often considered to be quite vulnerable due to the immense level of accessibility. Example, data analytics

Private Cloud:  Private cloud delivers very similar advantages to the public cloud, including saleability and self-service but through a proprietary architecture. It is important to understand that it provides a higher level of security with enough control over the resources. Example, on demand the required IT resources, efficient, effective and reliable security design as per the company’s requirement.

Hybrid Cloud: It is a cloud computing which mixes the elements of the private and public cloud services with orchestrations between the two platforms. The companies that prefer private cloud will sooner or later evolve to manage their loads on the private and public clouds which in result would create a hybrid cloud.

Cloud examples that we use in our day to day life

  • Google Drive
  • Apple’s iCloud
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon Cloud Drive

This article is for you to have a better knowledge about cloud computing and the types of cloud computing services that are available. The needs of the individual as well as businesses are increasing with the rapid growth seen in the technology and so it becomes quite important and also cost-effective to share resources, which makes cloud computing the thing of today and tomorrow.

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