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The Top 4 Moving Online Resources of 2018

Sometimes moving is inevitable, may it for business or a home. Considering all the logistics required, moving can be nerve wrecking especially if it is a permanent move or you are moving a business. However, there are moving online resources that you can use to make your moving easier.

Some of these include:

Moving education

Being enlightened can make things much easier, and this includes moving. You can get moving education online where you can learn various issues such as the process of moving. The resources can enlighten you on what to expect from pre-move to when you unload.

Online education may comprise information about your new area such as schools, shopping areas, banks, hospitals and other amenities. With this kind of information, you can adapt easily to the area you are moving to.

Expert Movers

Moving can be hectic especially if you are permanently changing your residence or business and you want to carry all your items. You may find it challenging to pack and carry all the items on your own.

However, you can search online and find expert movers who can help you with this. Depending on the package, some movers can help you to pack, load, give storage if required and also help to unpack.

Due to many movers online, you should do your due diligence to ensure you get the best. You can ask around for references and check customer reviews.

Change of residential address

Whether you are moving your home or your business, you need to change your address so that you can still be reached. You don’t want your mail to get lost simply because you did not change your address.

The move can be temporary or permanent. For a temporary move, you may opt to change or not change your address. However, you should notify the postal service so that you can be advised on how to receive your mail. Luckily, you can submit your change of address online, which is currently the easiest method. With this method, the mail sent to your old address is forwarded to the new address for 12 months. Other options for temporary moving are premium forwarding service where the mail is forwarded for a particular duration and General Service Delivery.

For a permanent move, you definitely need to change your residential address so that you can continue receiving your mail in your new address. The fastest option is to fill a USPS change of address online on a site like this:

Alternatively, you can request for the change of address via phone or in person.

Online customer reviews sites

When you have moved into a new place, you may not know which the best restaurant is or the best doctor, gym, hotels and so on. However, with sites like Yelp, you can find ratings and reviews of various businesses from real customers. With this, you can also know where to find the best places in your particular area, which makes moving, less stressful.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rachel Coates

    June 6, 2018 at 5:44 am

    One thing you forgot to mention is storage. This can be a big consideration if you find yourself between houses for any period of time. Self storage units are usually the best option for house contents as they are secure and large enough to store a whole house full of furniture.

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