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7 Fun Tips to Make Studying for Exams Enjoyable

So the most dreaded time of the year is almost around the corner. Yes, we’re talking about examinations, and by this time, you are probably shuffling between assignment submissions, making notes, all the while dodging multiple distractions.

In your quest to sail through the temporary turbulences (read: exams) you may have always wished that exams should also be fun like everything else. Well, we hear you! Read on some of the suggestions approved by our professional essay helpers to make the process of studying for exams fun.

#1. Ensure Your Study-Space has Good Lighting and Comfortable Chairs

You may already feel burdened by the thought of finishing your entire syllabus, and bad lighting and uncomfortable chairs would only make it worse. In this case, you can try studying near natural light or window because that will have a bigger boost, simply because mother nature always does it better than the artificial lights.

#2. Put on Some Music

Play some soothing, soul-stirring tunes. A word of caution here though, doesn’t play music that has lyrics as they can deviate your attention and will keep you away from studying. If you are not comfortable listening to music while studying, then you can entertain yourself by reminiscing about your favourite book or movie (don’t let your thoughts wander too much).

#3. Make Sure there are Open Passages or Cross Ventilation

Lack of fresh air could put you to sleep faster than you can read one sentence. Okay, that may have been a bit of an exaggeration. Jokes apart, but letting in fresh air into your room regularly can help you concentrate better on your studies. Considering studying for exams is already quite tedious, you wouldn’t want stuffy surroundings to add to your concern.

Make sure your room has a proper ventilation system. Use a fan in winter, if you have to, for blow around warm air, which is better than stale, stagnant air.

#4. Create a Timetable for Studying and Other Activities

Even though studying for exams often means sitting with your books for hours, but remember that you have a life beyond this. This is why you must follow a proper schedule and then reward yourself with the things you really enjoy doing afterwards. Make judicious use of your timetable, don’t doodle, or don’t take a peek into your social media pages, don’t spend hours on a call. This will only add a fodder to your lack of interest. Start with one chapter, study it thoroughly, make notes, and then move on to the next chapter. Once you get through the substantial part of your syllabus, you can treat yourself by doing everything you enjoy, and then again get back to studying.

#5. Take Help of Interactive Learning Software

You can use such tools to make things more fun and intriguing, so that studying won’t seem so grueling. If you aren’t quite into these technologies then ask your teachers about some less overwhelming learning techniques.

#6. Have a Different Perspective on Your Studies

Maybe you’re not quite fond of a particular subject or don’t quite understand it. But try approaching the subject from a new perspective.

You can gain valuable ideas by thinking about how everyday problems are dealt with using the techniques that the study demands. This can assist you to make things compelling, what will otherwise sound too drab. This, in turn, can also earn you appreciation from the teacher.

It will also highlight that you had made efforts to understand the subject and even when you weren’t comfortable with it.

#7. Stock up on Some Snacks

Always ensure you are well-fed when you are studying for your exams, this is why you need to stock your kitchen with quick bites. Also, allow yourself a few nibbles or two now and then helps to make the process of studying much more bearable.

You can also effectively use snacks as a treat for yourself every time you get through a major chunk of the syllabus. Now while a box of cheerios or a bag chips are the obvious things that come to mind when we say snacks, but we’re actually hinting at some healthier alternatives, like nuts or fruit salad. An occasional treat like a bar of chocolate is also fine, but here too you can try the healthier alternative and have dark chocolates.

Make your study-space vibrant with knick-knacks, postcards, action figures of your favourite fictional character, notes from friends etc. Even temporary spaces can be decorated with simple goodies. But then again don’t overdo it, because the last thing you want is to be looking at those cute decorations when you really should studying (Hello! Exam time!). Avoid cluttering the space too much, stock up the necessities alongside these decorations.

So with these techniques, your exams won’t seem so cumbersome anymore, and you can most certainly enjoy the process this way.

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Jedda Cain is an academic counsellor who has an experience of close to a decade in the sphere. She has worked with many reputed educational institutions. She has pursued her Ph.D. from the University of Melbourne and has been working for, a topessay help service provider for two years.

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