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The Situation of Tel Aviv Flights and Their Future

The situation in Israel is growing grim by the day. The attacks from both sides are increasing instead of receding. This has grave implications for the airline industry with flights canceled or flight frequencies reduced to minimal. Some airlines are canceling night flights due to the threat of attacks in the dark. A large number of embassies are trying to evacuate the citizens of their country and for this, the services of the airlines are required. There are a number of foreigners stuck in the country, with some even in direct danger from the militants. Most airlines are hoping that the conflict will end soon and have announced cancellations for a few weeks or till the end of the month.

Normal Flight Schedules Seem Distant

Not just American but European airlines too are observing the situation closely. Quite a few of them offer direct flights to Tel Aviv, while at the moment the ones still operating are operating with stopovers. El Al the national carrier of Israel is the only exception that is offering more flights instead of less. They want to assist the government, the army and the general population in every possible way. The airlines will be suffering some loss, but the loss of an aircraft or harm to the passengers will be even more expensive. Keeping tis in mind, the frequency of the flights will be back to normal only after the situation is brought under control.

Clash of Cultures

There are partygoers in Tel Aviv, in fact, many tourists come here for holidays that include consuming alcohol. These are some of the things prohibited in the Palestinian territories. Not many Palestinians are known to travel much, particularly international travel. The Israelis are known for being part of the international community, particularly the Western community. Their football team participates in European football while the Palestinian team participates in Asian and Middle Eastern tournaments. A large number of tourists coming to Israel are interested in the history or they want to explore the areas where Christianity originated. The part of the Middle East, Israel is in, has people from different type of cultures and religions. There are sites here that are of importance to not just Jews and Muslims, but to Christians too.  

Impact of the Conflict on the Worldwide Economy

At the moment the stocks of the big 3 in the USA, American, Delta and United are falling as there is no business as usual. This conflict has added to their woes as the war in Ukraine by Russia is still continuing. Most American airlines have already suspended their flights to Russia in protest and now they will have to cancel a few more, considering the situation in Israel. The Big 3 are known to offer flights here as the low-cost airlines prefer to fly domestically. The airlines are one of the biggest consumers of fuel, so the fuel industry will be hit too. In fact, all businesses and services related to airlines will be impacted.

The Situation on the Ground

There are 3 major airports in Israel including Ben Gurion Airport, Ramon Airport and Haifa Airport with Ben Gurion Airport being the major one for international travel. There are a few others that are for military use only. If civilian airports come under threat, international travel will literally be impossible. There is additional security at the airports as it is everywhere in the country. In general, everyone is staying alert due to the unseen threats that can culminate at any time. Security at airports is also important because dignitaries, particularly from Western countries are arriving to show their support to Israel. Any attack here will put the image of the security services in the country in a bad light. The authorities here are not shutting down the airport as this may encourage the militants, for whom this will be a moral victory.

So, What will Happen?

For any business to operate security is always important. If there is a lack of security, the economy of your area will never succeed. And this is true for the airline industry too. The airlines are not sure when things will be back to normal and the passengers are not sure, with so many negative reports, if to fly here or not. The passengers are not just tourists but businessmen too, so virtually the entire economy of the region is under threat. Yes, the scheduled flights will not be operating normally for some time but the flights of cargo aircrafts will also be under threat. Though, FlightsChannel, an Online Travel Agency will allow you to look for flights to Israel from the USA, Canada and Mexico. They are listing all available flights, and you will easily see the airlines that are still operating flights between these countries.

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