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The Man Cave Essentials: The Perfect Weekend Getaway

It’s a man’s dream to own a big house for his family to live. It’s a big accomplishment for a lot of men to finally enjoy the fruits of their labor. However, living the dream doesn’t end with just owning a brand new mansion-like house. For some, they take it up a notch further. They buy luxury sports cars, yachts, and even airplanes.

However, there are some who take their pleasure to a more low-key venue. Some guys build their own personal entertainment rooms inside their houses. These “rooms” are often filled with a bar, pool tables, video games, etc. Other guys even go the extra mile and install a mini cinema inside complete with the perfect sound system.

Even though it’s low-key, having the perfect man cave is by no means cheap. However, there are three things that most guys take for granted when building a man cave. That thing is the lighting system, power supply, and temperature control. Here are more reasons these systems play a crucial role in having a great getaway in your man cave.

The Theater Inside

It’s no joke; some guys do build mini cinemas inside their man cave. When it comes to home theaters, lighting is the least priority but can make or break the overall experience. Simply putting in fluorescent lighting and switching it off when the movie plays isn’t enough. You need lighting that is specifically for that experience.

One way to have that experience is by putting LED strips on the floor or beneath your seats. These lights would often function as a guide to your seat. Not only does it look good, but it feels awesome just like watching a real cinema in a movie house.

Playing with the Difference

When your man cave has amenities that cater to games such as poker and billiards, then having a lightbulb on the ceiling isn’t going to cut it out. You need to install lights such as stylish mini chandeliers or lights that will specifically be used for that game 

You wouldn’t want the lights to turn off due to a power outage when you’re in the heat of the moment. Installing Solar panels can help lessen problems with a fluctuating energy supply. Not only do you provide adequate lighting but you’re helping the environment by going green as well.

Romantic Sessions with the Missus

A man cave can cater to a lot of things, aside from entertaining you and your best buds during football night. A man cave can be the best room in the house for you and your wife to relax and chill. You may have electric massaging chairs, the best sound system, and a fridge to store the champagne but without the proper heating and cooling, it simply isn’t up to the mood.

Be in the right mood and add dimmers in your cave so that the missus will feel warm and cozy. Hug each other, drink that glass of wine, and listen to jazz while completing the mood with the best atmosphere. You can check out sites like GStore to know more about efficient cooling and heating systems.


Having a man cave is the best thing a man can get for his family and friends. Imagine getting to invite your best buds over and impressing them with your luxurious getaway spot. However, most guys don’t even think of lighting.

With the reasons mentioned above, you’ll know how important lighting is for the best man cave. Provide LED strips for Home Cinemas, task lighting and solar panels for unending fun with board games, and provide a romantic mood for your wife with the help of efficient cooling and heating systems.

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Yassi Parrish is a business and real estate blogger. She writes stuff such as tips on how to be successful in real estate business and the ways on how to look for an excellent real estate deal.

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