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The Latest in iGaming

As we’re making our way into 2017, the year has gotten off to an eventful start. The iGaming business refers to the online gambling industry, which has been thriving due to it being one of the most popular entertainment activities on the internet. As the internet and connectivity continue to improve, so have online gambling sites and the possibilities they offer to users.

So, what exactly can we expect in online gambling trends for 2017?

Mobile gaming will keep growing. Now that Google is actively penalising those who aren’t mobile-friendly, and with the wide-spread use of mobile gambling that we’ve already been seeing for some time, it seems likely that every reputable online casino platform will have a mobile website or app in 2017. Customers want the world at their fingertips, and online gambling is no exception.

Online gaming will benefit from the Freemium model. Freemium is a pricing strategy where a service is provided for free, but money is charged for features, functionality, or virtual goods. In software and other online gaming sectors, consumers can traditionally try a product for free before committing to buying it. With the increasingly saturated online gaming market, using a Freemium model is a logical consequence. Customers have a wealth of choice, and brands want to gain a competitive edge by allowing users to first try out the game without making any deposits. An increase in signup bonuses is also a trend expected to continue in 2017.

eSports will continue to grow. Online sports betting is expected to surpass $1 billion in revenue in 2017. This rising trend means that more online casinos will be including an eSports section to their services, as a way of diversifying revenue and increasing their customer base.

Rise in female players. While the online gambling industry has been known to be mostly dominated by male users, statistics show that the female gaming population is making significant contributions to the market. More and more online casinos are evolving to try and add new games that will be more attractive to their female users, as a way of drawing more women to their casinos.

Seeing how large and important the iGaming industry is (and relatively new), it’s important for developers to stay ahead of the trends and anticipate how to adapt to this rapidly evolving sector.

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