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The Key Partnerships behind DasCoin, an Emerging High-Calibre Cryptocurrency

DasCoin, the Currency of Trust and the store of value within Das ecosystem, has been actively consolidating its position via a series of global partnerships. Now it is poised for worldwide acceptance on a grand scale. On April 27 DasCoin will command the attention of the cryptocurrency sector and beyond as it hits public exchanges for the first time and becomes available for trading.

In addition, later this year more than 60 million merchants worldwide will accept DasCoin as a means of payment via DasPay, a pioneering payment solution which no other cryptocurrencies have previously managed to fully implement. Behind DasCoin is a powerful industry-leading network that will secure the long-term value of the currency.

St. Luke’s: The Pioneer of a Brand of Trust

Trust is the essence behind DasCoin as a currency. Its brand identity was developed with the assistance of the multiple award-winning London creative agency St. Luke’s, who continue to support some of DasCoin’s strategic thinking. St. Luke’s have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands such as the likes of Ikea, Heineken and Emirates Airlines. Alongside St Luke’s, the services of Harrison Frazer have been retained to provide best in practice brand consultancy services to help shape, scale and grow the business. Many other high-profile agencies in the field of search engine optimization, public relations and marketing are also being enlisted to provide highly professional support.

DasPay: A Worldwide Payment Solution for DasCoin

Global acceptance and utility has been troublesome for many other cryptocurrencies. However, DasCoin has developed DasPay, a solution that bridges the divide between cryptocurrency and the global economy with Carta Worldwide, the leading provider of technological solutions in the field of mobile payments. Carta Worldwide was founded in 2007 in Ontario, Canada and has since established offices in London, Dubai and San Francisco.

It has worked closely with Visa, MasterCard, and Vodafone, and was involved in the development of ApplePay. Carta Worldwide is now developing solutions so that DasCoin customers can pay for goods at point-of-sale terminals. “It is our goal to establish DasCoin as a means of payment all over the world,” says Carta CEO Brian Semkiw. Carta is already eyeing the potential of the DasCoin Blockchain to launch new applications on behalf of its own clients. Semkiw will attend the launch of DasCoin onto public exchanges, April 27 and will provide further details about DasPay at this event, which will be hosted by NetLeaders.

Bluzelle: Smart Contract Applications

One of the most revolutionary aspects of cryptocurrencies is the variety of possibilities that can be pushed forward with blockchain technology. DasCoin is working closely with the decentralized data service company, Bluzelle Networks, to plan a number of innovative smart contract applications for DasNet, the worldwide network infrastructure of the DasCoin “ecosystem”. Bluzelle CEO Pavel Bains said: “With our partnership we are jointly developing specific products that the market needs. For example, we see great potential in the insurance industry – in Asia alone, fewer than 5% of the population have taken out insurance protection.”

DasCoin has reinforced its strong reputation in a targeted manner by partnering with global, industry-leading providers from different sectors. The interaction of these alliances forms a solid basis for the sustainable success of DasCoin as a digital means of payment and as a lead player in the future of the blockchain sector.

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