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Latest News about IoT in Fitness App Development

IoT, the abbreviated form of Internet of Things has recently started making its way in workouts, fitness centers and gyms. Today, you will find a large number of companies have started launching a wide range of smart fitness devices to synchronize with innovative apps to push the resistance, track the progress of your workout and many more.

Considering that fitness is of huge significance for every individual belonging to every age group or gender, which leads to many new innovations to allow keep people to do daily workouts properly and stay ahead in the fitness. Internet of Things thus brings an entirely new world consisting of high-technology progress in the workout. The best thing about any IoT based Fitness App Development solution is that it is operable easily on almost every platform, such as iOS, Android, Windows and iPhone.

Benefits to Individual Fitness Fanatics

Tracking Individual Goals

Every individual taking admission in any fitness club or gym has a specific goal in his/her mind, such as weight loss, muscular gain, strength gain, endurance or speed. Irrespective of the goal of gym members, motivation usually comes whenever they see progress towards their goals or gain the required knowledge in case they fail to view any progress. Here comes the role of IoT in the sector of Fitness App Development, which has brought a drastic revolution by letting fitness enthusiasts to focus completely on their workout only instead of focusing or wasting time on keeping track of the progress.

Fitness Band/Wristband

Today, a large number of gym members may opt to wear a wristband to identify every individual coming to the gym uniquely. Thus, whenever a user steps on the weighing machine, treadmill, cycle or any other fitness-related equipment, data related to him/her logs on directly via cloud platform. In this way, trainee may collect information-

  • Variations in body weight of the fitness freak in the form of graphs
  • Prediction related to weight loss or muscles gain during a specific time interval
  • Feedback on changes or efforts required to keep on the right track for hitting goals
  • An innovative Fitness App Development to make the necessary changes in diet plan and physical exercise routines according to the collected data.

In simple words, with minimal effort only, you will collect valuable pieces of information about your workout and thereby, stay focused to achieve your goal.

Personalizing Workout Routines

Most of the times, gym fanatics put their every possible effort to note down the exercises, reps/sets, targeted weight and other relevant data to accomplish their daily fitness goals perfectly, along with overall goal. However, the conventional method to note down such details on a paper has major drawbacks, which are-

  • Fail to get time in entering the data or forgetting to entry data every time
  • Fail to reflect the data in a well manner, as individuals are unable to visualize it directly

Positively, technological advancements and application development has come up with an innovative Internet of Things concept. IoT-based Fitness App Development has resulted in the launch of various cloud-based smart dumbbells and weighing machines, which let you to tackle with the mentioned problem directly.

  • Dumbbells and weight plates track body weight and repetitions of fitness freaks properly.
  • Provides a great insight on body strength and lifting patterns with time
  • Other than dumbbells, a few good training apps are also helpful to work with indoor cycles/bikes and strength systems. In this case, IoT operated fitness apps provide you a library of various exercises and ability to track body measurements, workouts and create actual workouts. Once you complete your cycle/bike ride, the fitness app will provide you details on your progress, including any new personal records, while simultaneously, compare results of any particular day with your previous workouts.
  • To predict the weak areas of an individual gym member and recommends him/her about the necessary ways to improve it properly.
  • To generate graphical data for visualizing the progress with time
  • Besides this, the innovative Fitness App Development helps users to send the relevant workout routine to their mobile phones and thereby, alert after the completion of each rep/set. Other than this, a few smart apps also prompt us whenever we fail to hit our targeted reps and thereby, our simple smartphone becomes our smart training partner.
  • Allows fitness fanatics keep a proper track of diet plans, foods to include, foods to avoid and similar other routines.
  • With the help of IoT fitness apps, fitness freaks can track the burned calories, heart/pulse rate and RPM.
  • A feature-rich set of tools to get IoT applications based fitness solutions of almost every scale, including activity tracker applications.

In this way, gym members regularly get updates on their workout progresses; generate results and reports directed towards staying highly motivated to work hard and continuing as a gym member. In short, IoT operated Fitness App Development solutions provide fitness fanatics with overall excellent gym experience, whether it is simple data-filled personalized fitness plans or specific in-person type trainer instructions.

Benefit to Gym Owners/Trainers/Nutritionists

Besides gym members, IoT Fitness App Development has proved to be beneficial for trainers, gym owners and a large number of nutritionists in many ways, which include the following-

Scheduling Appointments

Every gym owner or dietician may use fitness apps to allow scheduling appointments of their clients in the form of group as well as on one-to-one basis.

Tracking Attendance of Gym Members

Gym owners are now able to track the attendance of gym members at any specific time. In addition, they get insights on peak timings; predict ways to launch any promotional offer and alert members about pending payments and other related promotional materials as per the attendance of gym members.

Tracking Daily Schedules of Clients

Fitness App Development solutions designed on Internet of Things helps trainers to track regular/daily schedules with varying clients. This covers the name of client, specific location, along with details related to session and time both.

In-depth Information about Client’s Time and Sessions

Another major benefit of using fitness apps for gym trainers is that it gives detailed yet in-depth report of clients about their timings and numbers of sessions they have attended. At the same time, the app lets trainers to check breakdown sales on yearly, monthly and weekly basis.

Selection of Packages

Gym owners now no longer have to highlight anything manually about gym packages and any other special fitness-related activity manually. Instead, they can use fitness apps synchronized with latest devices to inform clients about the available packages. In this way, clients may choose the most suitable package based on their individual requirements, which include Group Package, Individual Package, Long-term Membership, along with online training support.

Tracking the Progress of Clients

Fitness apps are helpful to nutritionists and gym owners/trainers to make the necessary adjustments in workout sessions of clients. Especially, they provide personalized workout routines or the best-suited intensity levels and personalized nutrition requirements in accordance with requirements of each client. Before the launch of innovative apps, most of the nutritionists and trainers overlook this significant aspect related to the fitness industry. Positively, IoT based apps have resolved the problem by understanding the fact that ‘one size for all’ is inapplicable in the entire fitness industry.

To Monitor Vital Stats

If fitness clubs and gym facilities have their in-house experts, they are able to keep a proper track on vital stats of every member in the gym. This helps doctors to monitor patients remotely while they perform their regular workouts. Particularly, this factor is helpful for individuals dealing with specific cardiac health conditions, as regular monitoring of stats prevent them to experience over excursion in the fitness centers.

Monitor the Present Condition of Gym Equipments

IoT fitness applications now no longer only confined to only human health. Instead, it has moved an advanced step and enabled monitoring of gym equipments. IoT apps are able to predict and create awareness related to maintenance or servicing of any machine, treadmill, cross trainer, bike/cycle and other strength machines remain within the facility.

Benefits in Case of Online/Home-based Gyms

Now, let us have a few key benefits offered by fitness apps to home-based or online gyms (both trainers and members).

Feedback on Real-Time Basis

Individuals opt for home-gym options may get real-time feedback related to physical exercises with the help of fitness/exercise apps. Apps monitor each activity of members and review it accordingly.

Countdown and Timer Facility

Fitness tracker apps assign a specific period for each type of workout as per the set timer or according to the countdown clock.

Live Streaming Facilities

During your exercise schedule, you may opt to undergo for a live chat with the assigned fitness trainer with the help of your home-based fitness application. Other than this, you may take the necessary feedback to bring improvements.

In conclusion, we can say that Internet of Things has now become the Internet of Fitness Centers, Nutrition Clubs and Gyms worldwide.

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