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The Importance of Animated Videos in Business: Enhancing Your Strategy

Animated videos provide a dynamic and engaging way to convey technical or complex messages in the form of a captivating story. By using visual storytelling techniques, animated videos can help make abstract concepts and technical jargon more accessible and easier to understand for a broader audience.

Did you know that users share video content much more than any other online? And this is the only media that is proven to boost online sales by more than 130%!

Moreover, when it comes to using video for your marketing purposes online, these stats and numbers may get you interested — up to 60% of businesses already use up to five videos per month with trends suggesting the number will increase. Additionally, 90% of all users say that videos have helped them when deciding on a product or a service, with 75% of them more likely to follow a brand if they see it posting video content.

There’s just something about video that makes it to be the next top salesperson! And here at Studio52, we know this all too well. Let’s see why you would want to use video for your business!

Make A Memorable Impression

When businesses and brands use advertising more creatively and innovatively, they can leave a lasting impression on their current and potential new customers. By tapping into their creative side and thinking outside of the box, businesses can effectively communicate their values, intentions, and purposes to their audience.

By doing so, they can establish a deeper and more meaningful connection with their customers. When businesses can convey their values and intentions through their advertising efforts, customers can gain a better understanding of who they are as a business. This can include the types of products and services they offer, the quality of their customer service, and their overall mission and vision.

Not only does this give customers a clearer understanding of the business, but it also allows them to align themselves with a brand that shares their values and beliefs. This, in turn, can help build trust and loyalty between the business and the customer.

Become More Understandable

When it comes to communicating complex ideas or products to an audience, relying solely on text-based explanations can often prove to be a daunting task. Depending on the style and technicality of the copy, there is no guarantee that the intended audience will be able to fully connect with and engage in the message being conveyed. Relying solely on written copy and static images may not always be the most effective way to bring an idea to life.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can help businesses more effectively communicate their complex ideas and products: animated videos. Animated videos provide a dynamic and engaging way to convey technical or complex messages in the form of a captivating story. By using visual storytelling techniques, animated videos can help make abstract concepts and technical jargon more accessible and easier to understand for a broader audience.

Animated videos can also provide a highly customizable and versatile medium for businesses to communicate their message. With animation, the creative possibilities are virtually endless, and businesses can tailor their videos to suit their branding and messaging needs. From character design and animation style to voice-over and sound effects, businesses can craft an animated video that truly captures the essence of their message and resonates with their audience.

Just check how we convey complex safety lingo and crunch it into a short one-minute video!

It Boosts Your Conversion Rates!

When it comes to engaging website visitors and encouraging them to take action, video content is a powerful tool that businesses can leverage to great effect. Studies have shown that when users are presented with video content on a website, they are significantly more likely to spend a longer amount of time on that site compared to websites that do not feature video content. The likelihood of users bouncing off a website decreases by a whopping 100% when video content is present.

Moreover, video content can also have a significant impact on conversion rates. Research suggests that 64% of people are more likely to take action – whether that be filling out a contact form or completing a purchase – after watching a video. This highlights the significant potential that video content has to not only engage website visitors but also drive them towards taking a desired action.

One effective way to utilize video content is through animation. By using animation to explain the benefits of your product or service, businesses can create a visually appealing and engaging message that is more likely to capture the attention of website visitors.

It’s Entertaining

Animated children’s films and cartoons are well-known for their ability to capture the attention of viewers through entertaining and creative storytelling. Similarly, modern marketing strategies often rely on these same techniques to capture the attention of consumers and engage with them on a deeper level. Animation, in particular, has become an increasingly popular tool for marketers as it is often associated with entertainment rather than traditional advertising.

This association with entertainment can make animated marketing content more appealing to consumers, as it can feel less intrusive and more engaging than traditional advertising. By leveraging the creative and imaginative potential of animation, businesses can create marketing content that is not only visually
appealing but also emotionally resonant with their target audience.


Animated videos have become a valuable tool for businesses looking to capture the attention of their target audience, convey complex ideas, and drive conversion rates. By leveraging the creative potential of animation, businesses can create visually appealing content that is more likely to capture the attention of consumers and leave a lasting impression.

Moreover, the versatility of animation allows businesses to convey a wide range of messages and ideas, making it an ideal medium for marketing, education, and communication.

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