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The Future Of Web Technology

Ever since the Internet’s birth in the late 60’s, its evolution has been continuous and exponential. From a small network of universities to the worldwide expansion that it covers today, people have enjoyed the wonders of gaining access to knowledge and information in a fast and timely manner.

The Internet’s main foundations have always been through the numerous websites that populate its virtual world. From influential corporations to small-time personal entities, a website has been born for each of them. In the past it was difficult to develop a website for a single business, let alone an individual person, but now recent developments in the area of Web technology has made it considerably simpler for even an inexperienced person to develop his own place on the Internet.

Below are some of these wonders that can bring the power to shape the Internet to your doorstep:

  • WordPress – need a site built within a matter of hours for that critical virtual office presentation? People immediately consult WordPress. As it used to be a small engine for blogging, WordPress has certainly gone past those bounds and expounded upon its features that it now not only just serves to build a blogging site for the most novice of users but also extends its features to a fully-fledged working personal or informational website for any entity in the world. The staggering amount of capabilities that WordPress can provide can rival that of most hard-coded websites – minus the blood and sweat that it takes to build one!
  • Web Frameworks – gone are the days when web developers would sit down in front of a computer and code a website from scratch. A lot of tools on the Internet now exist that allow even a complete beginner into the world of web development to build his or her own website within a matter of minutes. Various web frameworks exist such as the Python-based Django, Ruby on Rails, and Symfony. Unlike WordPress’s user-friendly tools, frameworks serve as easier tools for the professional web developers to build websites faster and much easier. All the code has been simplified for the developers – from database queries to putting up a simple but elegant design in as short a time as possible.
  • Mobile Technology – the turn of the millennium has given rise to consumer usage of mobile devices and gadgets. The mobile giants have birthed dozens of increasingly complex models of phones and devices that cater to people on the go and the Internet has been intricately woven within its features. It also gave rise to various tools that simplify mobile development within these devices. Tools such as Corona allow for easy development of mobile applications while Unity takes mobile gaming to the next level as it allows developers to build and design their own mobile games for these devices.

It can be argued that there are more things coming for the Internet in the years ahead. At this point, people already enjoy a tremendous amount of convenience in expanding the World Wide Web and giving everyone the power to create and shape the virtual world that we all have known and loved.

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Leiden Johnson is a photographer by trade but loves all those geeky, tech stuff and the outdoors. If she's not working or going out, you can see her in front of her computer either writing about anything or playing MMORPG’s which helps her to be more creative in her photoshoots. Follow her on Twitter.



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