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The Future of AI Relies on the Code of Ethics

The invention of the intelligent machine elevates a lot of ethical debate. These uncertainties raise the issues like machines threat to humanity and the moral of such machine development. The obstacles involved in the path for achieving a fully secure and safe environment for the human carefully examined with intelligence approach. The modern scientific works enhanced the concept of creating artificial intelligence machine more smarter than human beings eliminating most of the complex scenarios.

The extraordinary works accomplished with AI reforms the boundaries of technology. A human can not predict the capabilities of artificial intelligence, all they can imagine is its wider area of coverage with virtues and shortcomings for humanity. Recently an AI-powered engine created by Facebook creates its own language for communication, further company halts this research.

What does AI imply?

The central moral behind the development of such an awe-inspiring machine provides the opportunities for the business works. Data collected from business resources are analysed with the power of machine learning, big data analytics and deep learning for making predictions, accurate decisions and presenting valuable insights for us. Big organisations manage a vast amount of data generated from their sources with various analytical approaches, a big data framework for analysing large information.

Facebook’s AI is just one example. There are various ethical issues that have been recorded and which need to be closely monitored, always with some means of disabling it or shutting it down. Here are a few of them:

Ethical robotics

The rights of a robot are the primary concern deriving the commitment to machine the same as human and animal rights. Recently, a humanoid robot named Sophia with an incredible capability to express more than 50 facial expressions became the first non-human creature to get the nationality of a country. Since the robot is chaining up in the daily life cycle of human beings, there must be some bounded regulations that needed to be implemented for precautionary sake. Experts suggest that we should establish robot rights as it is compulsory to bring a robot right policy explaining the mission to execute which can further linked to serve human safety by analysing human rights.

AI is replacing humans in their workplace

The AI implemented innovation works in the automotive industry resulted in the automated self-driving vehicles. Companies like Tesla, Waymo are manufacturing the autonomous cars with a robust capacity to sense the environment for input and steer without the human. The invention is incredible and widely adopted without any intervention. But some flaws are pointing towards the humanity as the use of such vehicle will consume the job from millions of drivers all over the world. The unemployment of drivers is not only the major issue of such autonomous cars, preferably the possibility of an accident is many times higher in the self-driving vehicles compared to a car with driver.

Apart from the automotive industry, the jobs performed in various sectors automated with the expert machines. The complex projects including the physical and non-physical operations replaced with machines and its algorithm. Internet of things based smart devices used in the industries such as sensors, transmitters, mass flow metres etc., reduced the physical works accomplished by labours making them unemployed. The same situation could happen to the employees working at office premises where an automated task-based machine could replace humans with their expert work.

Various applications have been developed with the power of artificial intelligence which eliminates humans from their workplace. The introduction of automated chatbots for the organisations replaced the customer service jobs with its powerful self-assistance service for customers. Similarly, intelligent applications created for digital marketing eats the job of many marketing persons and, at the same time, it assists salesperson with its incredible capabilities. You can also develop such applications by enrolling in Java Certification accessible from anywhere anytime. By learning the basic to advanced application development through it you can enhance your analytical and conceptual approach to develop such applications.

 Lethal autonomous weapons

The lethal autonomous weapons are uniquely designed to search and destroy targets with its programmable algorithm. Few people call it a killer robot which can operate from anywhere and on anywhere including air, land, water, space etc. The development of such a killing machine is the concept of debate from past few years as once it is given with the command for killing there can be limitless destruction in the human environment.

A final word to take home

The restricted use of AI will walk the same track with human beings reducing the unwanted efforts by simplifying tasks. More extensive use of AI in the major sectors is beneficial for a better environment with increased success ratio but do remember it goes beyond the thinking of a human mind and everyone knows that a human brain is the most potent discovery ever with its complex design.

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Anil Kumar is a Digital marketing expert and working as a Sr. SEO in renowned digital marketing agency Addictive Media.He has five years plus experience in digital marketing arena. He helps many big brands to rank on Google’s first page and improve their sales through digital marketing platforms.

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