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The Expanding Scope of Mobile Application Development

It is very important to choose the right mobile apps development platform as the phase of experimentation with platforms and applications has already crossed. Businesses are now focusing on integrating with third party systems. Hence, they are in need of developing smarter and integrated applications which can provide direction to their mobile strategy.

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Speaking about mobile apps development, a single approach does not suffice to meet the needs of various enterprises. Different enterprises want to create applications with different characteristics and have different budgets. MADP helps in supporting various approaches including Hybrid, Web and Native. This provides maximum flexibility for all the developers who are involved in the process.

MADPs offer support for following Hybrid apps:

  • Form-based templates: This approach is akin to creating blocks where form templates are piled on top of each another.
  • Utilizing this approach, developers feel confined:
  • One is coerced to use template UI controls without being creative
  • Complex customizations involved
  • Generic user experience
  • Does not make place for blend of native and web code
  • Any change in a single part impacts the rest of the code

Code-generation: This approach to hybrid apps is a process wherein code is automatically generated for each platform with a translation layer amid.

Following are the limitations of code-generation:

  • The result is a low-end, basic app which is of limited use Hard to ‘untangle’ after the generation of native code.
  • Machine-generated process with excess code most of the time leading to unmanaged code structure
  • Performance issues related to apps
  • Unable to add extra components like HTML5, 3rd party UI libraries

The main importance of hybrid application is its capability to breach the trade-off between cross-platform development and the crucial aspect of user experience, which is difficult to be achieved using the above mentioned approaches.

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Blog produced by Amrita kapoor, Professional copywriter for Fusion Informatics provides information on Android Application Development, Mobile Application Development and more.



  1. levon

    September 26, 2013 at 7:23 am

    Mobile application seems to continue to skyrocket every year, with the new Google glass i wonder where Apps will go.

  2. Avante

    November 26, 2013 at 9:58 am

    Mobile app development is a basic need for small and large business and now they are focusing to integrating thrid party systems. The supporting nature of different tools help developers to various approaches including native, hybrid and mobile web applications.

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