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The Evolution of Media Streaming Software

Information technology nowadays is definitely imbuing every aspect of human life. Moreover, information technology has greatly shown vigorous developments in the recent decades, and these incremental advancements are slowly paving the way for greater and more advanced technologies. The availability of open-source platforms and the development of cloud technology have opened up a lot of possibilities for the developments of software that are applicable to various fields of human interests. The truth is, even consumers seem to be losing grip on the fast-faced developments of software and hardware. Digital devices, one after another, are marketed like never before, and the software market is definitely flooded with a kaleidoscope of software that seem to immediately outdate each other. This glut of software in the market was made possible through the incremental advancements in information technology, and it seems that there will be no slowing down in the innovations of software technology.

In the field of broadcasting, for example, live streaming video equipment are now available for everybody to tinker with and enjoy. A couple of decades ago, these equipment are only available to a select few and to those who specialized in broadcasting. Nowadays, anyone with the penchant for broadcasting can readily avail of and eventually enjoy media streaming services, without necessarily specializing in various broadcasting equipment. The world has indeed radically changed in the past decades or century, and now media streaming devices are no longer exclusive equipment for a select few, but are now ordinary devices available to everyone.

Fifty years ago, software engineers did not really have the necessary incremental technologies to produce streaming devices. There was no cloud technology, nor was there open-source platforms with which they can tinker and experiment. There were existing software, but these software were expensive and there were exclusive rights attached to the use of these software. Nowadays, with open-source software and cloud technology at hand, the expansion of software development has become feverish.

Problematic Protocols

The designing of network protocols that would readily support the technology of streaming media had become very problematic for software engineers in the past. Hence, engineers belabored the development of Real-time Transport Protocol, together with Real-time Streaming Protocol. With the brilliant minds of these engineers, they were able to solve the problematic designs of network protocols, allowing the present generation to enjoy streaming of video contents anytime and anywhere.

The concept of streaming video contents with wide commercial applications were previously just figments of imaginations for some playful minds. Nowadays, however, many are joining the bandwagon of internet users who are enjoying the streaming technology.

The commercialization of streaming devices provides so much benefits to the different fields of human endeavors. In the field of education, for example, video lectures can now be streamed to various audiences around the world. In the field of music, musical events and concerts can now be viewed around the world while they are unfolding in one place. In the field of sports, sports enthusiasts and fans can now view online the unfolding of sporting events anywhere there is internet connection. Moreover, even in the religious field, worshippers from around the world can now readily view religious worships in real-time. The present streaming technology may yet be perfect, but with feverish innovations, it will surely be perfect.


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