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The Elementary Norms of SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a method that is used to make your web pages more convenient for your clients. It is one of the economical way to help your websites get more page views by building  web pages  that rank exceedingly high  in search engine results.

Important Basics of Search Engine Optimization:

Content is extremely important for your web pages as well as for the search engines. Search engines provide links to relevant  pages. Hence they frequently tune their programs to read and review the content of the web pages .

Search for good keyword phrases. This can be complicated and at times quite challenging. But this is exactly why you should optimize your page for. Try to concentrate on one phrase that reflects what your page is about. It should also capture the attention of the viewers. Make sure that key phrase is repeated in the headlines, links and in the content within the page.

Your target phrase should be the significant  part of the  web page information.For instance if your page is regarding toddler food then the target phrase should include toddler food and not just the term toddler.

Focus on optimizing one particular page at a time instead of optimizing the entire site. Get the keyword phrase that works for that page and then optimize it. Post this gradually move on to the next page in your web site. The readers will have several ways to find the site if you treat each and every page as a possible entry page.

SEO analyzes who your competition is. Do not forget , that you are not working on the entire site but at a page level.If your target phrase is popular, the competition will be higher. At times it is sensible to aim at a less popular phrase rather than targeting for the highest popular phrase.

Include your target key phrase twice in the meta title tag. It is very important to ensure that the title is clickable and descriptive. That is what the readers want when they search .

The target phrase should be included twice in the meta description. Search engines usually use this description  as a short paragraph below the title that is clickable. Make sure that it is an extension of the title and not just the repetition of what the title says.

The headline or the title of the page should include the target phrase. Use a header tag for your headline. This is because search engines rank words in these tags higher. Also remember that the first paragraph of your page should contain the target phrase. It is also advisable to include the target phrase  on the other locations of the page including  sidebars, external links and headlines.

Use the target phrase in both the explanatory text as well as in the link text while you promote your page. Submit your page to the popular websites. You need to wait for a couple of weeks and then assess your search engine optimization key phrase. Your aim should be able to obtain either the first or the second page of search engine for your  key phrase .

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Peter McKiel is passionate about blogging, website analysis and Internet technology. He was in this digital marketing field for last 5 years. Other than traditional search engine marketing Peter has forayed into paid marketing and social media optimization. You can find his published articles on popular technology guest blogs and online journals. In this article Peter shares his thoughts on SEO in Edmonton. For additional details you may refer to this Website - Media Child Design.



  1. TracyAnn0312

    November 14, 2012 at 4:22 am

    The elementary norms of SEO gives proper ideas for specialists in order to gain several ideas regarding SEO.

  2. James

    November 23, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    Nice information regarding SEO.
    Thanks for sharing. It’s helpful for me.

  3. Pallavi Singh

    November 27, 2012 at 9:40 am

    Thanks. These advices are very wise and i would certainly emphasize one feature around any SEO practice – COMPREHENSIVE.
    There is not need to bombard Internet with tons of keywords hoping to gather people from everywhere. Focus and define your business around few keywords to become the reference in this particular niche.

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