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The Cowhide Rugs & Carpets

The carpet industry is also welcoming. In recent years, cowhide rugs are very popular, and the demand for the carpet industry is increasing. The chemical fiber carpets, blended carpets, and full-wool carpets currently on the market are prohibitive due to textile details and affect the sales of products. The leather carpet has many advantages. After the introduction of advanced professional processing technology in Brazil, is very sturdy, with sound absorption, heat preservation, abrasion resistance, insect resistance, fine workmanship, pure color, smooth, soft hair, good flexibility, and excellent hand feeling… Make the fashion show the the the extravagance of the family and its market prospects will be very broad.

How About The New Leather Carpet

How about the new leather carpet? You are sure about cowhide rug, 100% real cowhide rug, and the color is pure and bright, soft and not glaring, the variety of patterns, ever-changing. The color is rich, the color of the line is pure and smooth, the hair is soft, the texture is clear, the flexibility is good, and the hand feel is excellent.

Home is the harbor of love and affection, there is love to have a home, so no matter how busy and tired the work, all the tired and troubles of returning home disappeared completely. Home is vital to everyone, we all can’t leave home, and we will decorate our homes with care. When it comes to decorating homes, you must mention cowhide rugs that are important to the family.

The other is a printed and dyed cowhide rug, which has the unique internal force of natural carpet, also has a very good decorative effect, and also has very good effects and so on. The general wholesale price of cowhide is around 2,000 Yuan. The home rug of this material is soft and comfortable, and the decorative effect is very prominent, easy to clean, and can be directly cleaned with a cloth. In addition, pure natural cowhide rugs
can be non-slip but can be used in the living room and bedroom or study room, and the fixing effect is more prominent.

The wholesale price of household carpets is not very expensive. It is generally divided into two types: the price of pure natural cow wool carpet is relatively expensive compared with common carpets. The most common ones are natural cowhide carpets and printed leather carpets. The quality styles are very good. This kind of cowhide
carpet cleaning and care work is also very simple and convenient. It can be finished with a cloth wipe. If the cleaning is not clean, we will use the suction paper to suck out the stain on the paper, and then wipe it with a damp cloth, it may be handled. In addition, it is recommended that the user use the cowhide rug in the bedroom or the hall. This kind of effect is ideal, because these places are more spacious and bright, and can give unexpectedly unexpected effects. It is not easy to get dirty; of course, you can step on the carpet barefoot. It feels very comfortable and the texture is good.

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