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Easy Tips to Restore the Glow of Your Carpets!

Carpeting the floors is one of the means of adding color and decoration to your rooms. A beautiful house reflects a beautiful mind. And the way you furnish it speaks volume about your taste. Apart from its aesthetic value, carpets also insulate a person’s feet from a cold tile or concrete floor. Further, it becomes a comfortable place to sit on while playing with little children or doing any kind of art work. However, a damaged or worn out carpet neither appeals the attention of your guests nor serves its other purposes.

Here are a few tips that come handy to prevent carpet damage.

keep clean carpet

Keep your food and drinks away

One of the common elements that can cause damage to your carpet is the spilling of food or drinks on it. This can lead to the formation of a bad stain, difficult to get rid of. Such situations are more frequent when you have little children at home. Therefore, it’s necessary to get into the habit of having your food at kitchen or dinner table and not on the carpet.

Train your pets properly

Animals urinating on your carpet not only add an unpleasant sight but also ugly odour. Moreover, pets may scratch or chew carpet, damaging it, posing a risk to carpet. It’s the responsibility of the owner to train the pet(s) from behaving in such ways.

shoes off

Take off your shoes outside

Walking on the carpet with shoes on is not a very good habit, especially when you return from outside carrying all kinds of dirt and mud with your shoes. These will leave muddy and dirty footprints on the carpet, likely to stain it. Try to take off your shoes outside in order to keep your carpets clean.

Beware of chemicals!

Try to avoid carpets coming into any kind of contact with household chemicals or such substances for they can harm your carpet. While a few chemicals can only stain it, others can even discolour it permanently.

Use blinds or curtains

Carpets can lose its glow and colour on being exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time. Parts of the carpet which are more exposed to sunlight begin to look lighter and duller. In order to prevent this, install blinds or curtains that cut off longer contact with sunlight.

Door mat

Place a doormat

Placing a doormat outside every door of your house can reduce the entry of large amount of dirt, dust and other such stuffs. When your guests or house members find a doormat, they will shake debris off their shoes and wipe them on the mat, rather than walk on with them on your carpets.

Clean on a regular basis

Walking on with dirt or grit which has gone deep inside the carpet fibres can cause abrasive action. Always try to clean your carpets and rugs regularly at home. Clean up spills immediately, before they become permanent. You ought to vacuum the traffic areas 3 to 5 times per week to prevent the dirt from settling deep into the carpet. Also reapply carpet protectors, each time the carpet is cleaned.

Use coaster under furniture

Dragging or moving heavy furniture across the carpet can cause heavy damage by smashing carpet fibres causing them to become flatter. To escape such harassment, use coasters specially designed to be placed under heavy furniture.

Replace furnace and air-conditioner filters

Furnace and air-conditioner filters keep all kinds of dust away. However, if you do not change the filters often, they cease to work effectively and the dirt ultimately gets accumulated on your carpet.

Why take professional help?

Sometimes, damage can be severe. It’s essential to repair the damage, not only to retain its beauty but also to prevent it from getting worse. While many can attempt to fix the damage personally, it’s always wise to hire carpet cleaning professionals for best results. Trying to fix it personally, especially when it is a large burn or stain runs the risk of getting worse. Some rugs can be precious family heirloom and need to be handled with care. Although professional help will cause a sum of money, the cost is anytime minimal when it comes to replace, rather than repair it.

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Allan Lloyd is a highly skilled marketing and technical writer with over nine years of experience in professional settings. He has worked as a marketing writer for the last 4 years and half. He has performed a variety of different types of writing in the past, including entertaiment, fashion, and search-engine optimized blog writing. He believes, good writing is the most powerful force in the world that grows an interest in reading, whereas bad writing will just annoy and confuse the reader.



  1. Cindy Hoffman

    February 20, 2016 at 8:17 am

    Really great tips there Allan, I totally agree with you when it comes to taking care of things along with your pets. They should be well trained to behave well and not just spill things around. I have experienced a point where I had to clean up some stains that forced me to use hot pressure to clean.
    Thanks a for the share and keep up the great job guys.


    • Allan Lloyd

      February 26, 2016 at 10:27 am

      Yes, if we train our pet properly, the carpet will be clean. Also we should remember that we should not use any liquid or semi liquid thing that make any stain on the carpet. In this way we can keep our carpet glow as well as damage and worn free.

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